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12 Good Vegetables For The Growth Of Peppers

Peppers are one of the popular spices of daily meals. So, pepper plants are grown year-round. All the varieties are easy to grow and care for. But if you want to harvest a high yield, our post today is useful for you. Learn about companion plants of peppers! They grow well with each other and easily give you productivity. A wide range of their good friends are carrots, lettuce, spinach, and more, all are listed below.

Growing companion plants will bring a wide range of benefits. From maximizing garden space, attracting beneficial insects and pollinators, luring pests away from other food crops, providing shade or a wind barrier to other plants, covering the surface of the soil with edible plants to crowd out weeds, or even boosting the growth, flavor, or yields of food crops.

#1 Lettuce

Source: Extension

Growing lettuce as a companion planting to peppers is a great way to get an additional harvest in a small space, due to their lower growth habit, while also crowding out weeds

#2 Radishes

Source: Almanac

Radishes are not only easy to grow but are also one of the quickest (just from about 3 to 4 weeks from seed). Growing radishes around peppers allow you to get a fairly quick food crop in a small amount of space

#3 Spinach

Source: Allaboutgardening

Spinach can be a compliment to peppers in the garden, for many of the same reasons that both lettuce and chard are, and because of their shorter stature, will not shade out peppers and other taller plants

#4 Beans

Source: Arborgate

Besides fixing nitrogen in the soil and helping to feed other garden plants, beans can provide other benefits for pepper plants, including crowding out weeds and helping to block the winds or cast partial shade

#5 Squash

Source: Gardeningchannel

Both summer and winter squash can be grown near peppers, where their large leaves can help keep the sun off the bare soil and keep weeds down

#6 Chard

Source: Wildroseheritageseed

Swiss chard is another incredibly useful plant in the garden, and interplanting it with peppers can offer partial shade and protection from winds, while also crowding out weeds.

#7 Tomatoes

Source: Growjourney

Growing tomatoes near peppers help to shade the soil and can offer the peppers some protection from the sun in the hottest parts of the day.

#8 Carrots

Source: Healthiersteps

Growing carrots around peppers can help to shade out some of the weeds, providing a living mulch, and are a great way to maximize space in the garden.

#9 Beets

Source: Rhs

Growing beets near peppers is another method of filling in empty space in the garden and shading out weeds while helping to keep the soil moist.

#10 Asparagus

Source: Thecontentedplant

Although asparagus is a perennial, and can’t be planted for an instant crop in one season, pepper plants can be grown in the asparagus patch to optimize the use of that space during the summer, after the spring asparagus is picked and eaten.

#11 Corn

Source: Mprnews

Due to its tall growth habit, corn can serve as a windbreak or cast shade on pepper plants during parts of the day. Corn is also said to also act as a trap crop for aphids, which may keep them off the pepper plants.

#12 Okra

Source: Hgtv

Growing okra near peppers can offer wind protection and partial shade for the peppers in the heat of summer and may offer some protection from pests such as aphids.

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