12 Gorgeous Succulent Types With Bold Colors For Your Yard

There are lots of succulent types that have different varieties coming in unusual shapes, forms, and unique colors. You not only love growing these plants by their variety but also by their easy growth properties. Their growth is slow and doesn’t need very little watering. They are perfectly adapted to live in different growth conditions, both indoors and outdoors. They’re great for beginner gardeners and people who forget to water their plants.

To enhance your landscape, you also consider growing some of the 12 Gorgeous Succulent Types With Bold Colors For Your Yard. Thanks to special leaf textures which are signature thick, fleshy leaves and stems, all succulents are accustomed to harsh conditions by storing water in their leaves. That is the reason why they are capable of surviving both lengthy droughts and extreme temperatures for a long time.

#1 Red Rubin

Source: Reddit

This red succulent exhibits a large, evergreen rosette of fleshy, emerald green leaves patterned with burgundy-red tips. This color changes with the season, intensifying in cool temperatures.

#2 Stick on Fire

Source: Etsy

This striking succulent is prized with a thicket of beautifully colored, branching, vertical stems that look like thin pencils, giving it its popular name the Pencil Cactus.

#3 Red-Headed Irishman

Source: Pinterest

Just like the unique name, this distinct-looking cactus displays a deep blue-green stem, which is barely visible under a dense covering of orange-red spines.

#4 Crosby’s Prolific

Source: Reddit

Another impressive succulent, this one forms a beautiful rosette of deep green foliage that’s defined with toothed and speckled skin. To make it red, just keep it in bright sunlight and watch the leaves turn into the alluring red-orange.

#5 Agave Blue Flame with Red Edges

Source: Cactusjungle

This stunning hybrid variety features large rosettes of smooth blue-gray leaves that are decorated with toothed red-brown margins. A thin yellow-green ribbon, adjacent to red-brown edges, shines in the sunlight.

#6 Lipstick

Source: Worldofsucculents

The Lipstick plant is a beautiful succulent that forms rosettes of plumped, sharp, bright green leaves with attractive red tips. It closely resembles agave. Every tip has small spines hence the name.

#7 Dessert Cabbage

Source: Davesgarden

This plant is also known as flapjack or paddle plant, due to its round leaves, it is marked with red hues along with the plant’s exterior. It also produces yellow flowers in late winters and early spring.

#8 Christmas Sleigh

Source: Mountaincrestgardens

This showy succulent has deep green leaves with vivid red spines. During fall, the plant also forms bright red-pink flowers. It performs the best in full sun and with proper drainage.

#9 Jelly Bean Plant

Source: Instagram

This stunning succulent forms fleshy round leaves in pink to deep red color. The color of leaves deepens with the amount of sunlight they receive. It prefers plenty of sunlight with proper drainage. It cannot survive in frost and require protection during cold temperatures.

#10 Red Aloe

Source: Smartgardenguide

This slow-growing aloe variety is going to charm you with its red shade. As long as you will keep it in bright sunlight, it’ll reward you with beautiful copper-red foliage. This one, indeed, is the most gorgeous of all aloe species.

#11 Red Pagoda

Source: Succulentsbox

Red Pagoda is a branching succulent. It features fleshy, yellow-green leaves embellished with bright red tips. The color gets more vibrant during winter in response to cool nights and bright sun. For the best leaf color, provide full sun with some shade by protecting from the mid-day heat during hot months.

#12 Chocolate Sundae

Source: Mountaincrestgardens

‘Chocolate Sundae’ forms a beautiful rosette with bright red tips that are lime green at the center. The red shade becomes more intense according to the season.

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