12 Hacks to Build A Creative Container Vegetable Garden

If you are a plant lover, you always want to look for many interesting ideas to implement your favorite. Look no further, in the post today we are so glad to share 12 Hacks to Build A Creative Container Vegetable Garden. With these recommendations, you totally can grow your necessary vegetables in containers in your own ways. Are you ready to check them out together!

It is great when these mini gardens bring a lot of benefits. You can take advantage of living space and create a natural environment. And more especially when your family meals will be cleaner and fresher vegetables. Those are the outstanding advantages that these ways bring to. In addition, they are easy to plant, even if you are not a farmer, you also have great vegetable gardens in your home.

#1 Grow Ornamental Vegetables

Chard, lettuce, sorrel, kale, asparagus, tomato, taro, parsley, lemongrass, eggplant are great choices to make your container vegetable garden more beautiful.

#2 Choose Beautiful Planters

To make your vegetable garden more attractive let’s select decorative and colorful pots with different shapes and designs.

#3 Give Importance to Texture

With onion, chives, and garlic, you grow them with other plants like parsley, tomato, or cabbage to increase aesthetic appeal.

#4 Don’t Miss Climbing Vegetables

With the idea, you can grow climbing vegetables in the pots and place them on an ugly wall to cover it or enhance the privacy of your balcony as well.

#5 Grow in Combination

You can choose vegetables and herbs that have similar growing requirements together. Or you can create container vegetable garden combinations according to plants that favor the growth of each other together.

#6 Vary the Height of Planters

Using pots with different heights will create visual interest and make your container vegetable garden look less boring. And you select the plant stands as well.

#7 Pot Color Matters

You can combine the vegetable plants bring monochromatic colors with bright-colored planters to prevent the monotonous feel.

#8 Grow Flowers

You can grow edible flowers such as rose, calendula, pansy, nasturtium, and many more, these will make your limited space vegetable garden more interesting.

#9 Add Hanging Baskets

Can take advantage of vertical space in your house to grow tomatoes, lettuce, parsley, mint, small pepper varieties, strawberries in hanging baskets.

#10 Try Quirky Planters

Don’t throw out your old boots or shoes, using them to create the sake of uniqueness.

#11 Vertical Herb Garden

With tiered pots, vertically in hanging gutters, or in-plant holders you can use them to grow your favorite herbs. It will utilize unused space.

#12 Add Ornaments or Garden Art

If you are owning garden art, you can grow some edible flowers to utilize your space more enjoyable. You can hang a bird feeder or water fountain there.

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