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12 Herbs Can Grow In Hanging Baskets

If you want to grow your favorite herbs in a special way, you are in the right place. Here are 12 Herbs Can Grow In Hanging Baskets that you will fall in love with. All herbs are easy to grow and just minimal care. That is the reason why they can be grown in many ways. And growing in a hanging basket is one of the great ways that not only give you always have fresh herbs but also perfect for decorating in the house. Check them out!

In addition, growing these herbs in baskets will help to free your space in the garden and you will grow more different types of vegetables. Instead of growing flowers, or other decorating plants, you can grow these herbs with the same purpose. So, chose some and hang them in any place where you want to. It’s time to start!

#1 Mint

Mint has an aggressive growth habit, so you can control its growth in hanging baskets.

#2 Parsley

Growing parsley in hanging baskets will give you a fresh supply for soups and vegetables.

#3 Creeping Rosemary

This Creeping Rosemary looks attractive in hanging baskets with clusters of pale blue flowers in spring and summer.

#4 Winter Savory

Winter Savory has a compact height of 10-12 inches, this makes it perfect for hanging baskets. The fresh leaves taste great and the dry leaves preserve their pungent flavor.

#5 Marjoram

Marjoram is a fragrant herb, so you can add this herb with square branching stems that are covered with oval-shaped hairy leaves in your hanging basket herb garden.

#6 Creeping Thyme

This plant is a woody perennial herb, often planted as an ornamental and not as a culinary herb. It looks beautiful with stems spilling over the sides of the hanging basket.

#7 Salad Burnet

Salad Burnet is an attractive and easy growing herb, it will be a great addition to hanging baskets, which will let you have its fresh leaves for salads, sandwiches, and lemonades.

#8 Rocket

Apart from adding a delicious peppery flavor to your cuisines, this Rocket will also look great as the foliage will spill out from the baskets.

#9 Chamomile

Chamomile has fragrant, flowers of chamomile look exquisite when grown in hanging baskets in balcony or patio. Its fresh leaves are great for brewing tea.

#10 Lavender

Outstanding with ornamental purple flowers, lavender can be a true eye-catcher in hanging baskets, wafting its soothing fragrance in the air.

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