12 Ideas To Make Mini Gardens For Your Window

Your outdoor space is limited, don’t worry, it isn’t a problem here. Your window is the perfect place to make a mini garden in the right of your home. And in the post today, we are so glad to share 12 ideas to grow your favorite plants, herbs, and vegetables on the window. We hope that these ideas here will give you the inspiration to have your own garden. Check out them!

Whether the window of your home window is wide or narrow, you can still reasonably arrange that space with separate designs here. You can hang them up, or place them on the windowsill. And the pots are extremely simple that you can completely reuse such as old plastic bottles, mason jars, or tin cans. These are great ideas for you. The simple reason, you not only can take advantage of your space but also can reuse old items in the kitchen instead of throwing them out. Don’t hesitate, let’s save some and make for your window right now!

#1 Indoor Window Sill Herb Garden

This DIY window garden will not cost you anything because you’re using old tin cans. Simply paint them to renew and then grow your favorite herbs in.

#2 Kitchen Countertop Herb Garden

You can make a kitchen countertop herb garden by using old food cans.

#3 Self Watering Window Herb Garden

This self-watering indoor window garden is one of the great ideas to grow herbs and you don’t need to take care of them so much.

#4 Hanging Window Herb Garden

Another idea to grow an indoor herb garden like this on your kitchen window.

#5 Window Pane Vegetable Garden

If you’re living in a home where have a large outdoor window, then this idea can be useful.

#6 Plastic Bottle DIY Window Herb Garden

Don’t throw your old plastic bottles, save them, then grow your favorite herb or small veggies.

#7 DIY Tomato Window Garden

You don’t need a garden to grow homegrown juicy tomatoes. Do this right at your apartment window.

#8 Indoor Window Garden How-to

You can make a beautiful garden with some plants that you love.

#9 DIY Window Garden for Herbs and Small Vegetables

This idea is a great inspiration to grow herbs and small vegetables in your window.

#10 Indoor Herb Garden

If you can arrange and install a frame like this to hang containers on your window, you’ll have a perfect setup for growing aromatic he

#11 Hydroponic Window Garden

A hydroponic window farm is an answer for urban dwellers without outdoor planting space, and a fascinating hobby that provides fresh, chemical-free vegetables or herbs year-round.

#12 Kitchen Window Mason Jar Herb Garden

Not only this hanging herb mason jar garden is suitable for growing herbs, but it’s stylish as well.

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