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12 Indoor Plants That Have Fragrant To Make Fresh Air

You want to your rooms full of natural aroma instead of using chemical perfume. Growing one of the 12 Indoor Plants That Have Fragrant To Make Fresh Air will a great option. They promise to work well for double duty both giving a green space and bringing fragrance to help your air fresher. We are sure that they will make you satisfy what you are looking for.

A fresh room with natural elements will boost mood and senses for your life better. Let’s imagine, there is nothing greater than owning a room with green plants and looking at their flowers in your room. After coming back home from a long hard day at the office, and then enjoying the comfortable scent, it is the greatest thing to relax, right? Spend your time to grow some to keep your home naturally perfumed all the time!

#1 Lavender

Source: Indiagardening

Lavender gives an amazing aroma indoors if you give it a full sun place.

#2 Basket Plant

Source: Gardeningknowhow

The Basket Plant has white flowers with e a soothing fragrance. Grow it on a bright windowsill.

#3 Orchid

Source: Hgvt

Orchid emits strong cinnamon and vanilla fragrance that can fill the entire of your house.

#4 Hoya

Source: Yates

Hoya has so many types with its own fragrances such as Hoya australis, Hoya carnosa Rubra aka ‘Krimson Princess,’ Hoya obovata, Hoya retusa are the best fragrant ones.

#5 Paperwhite Narcissus

Source: Dutchgrown

Paperwhite Narcissus is a hardy sweet-smelling plant that has a musky scent. It prefers cool temperature and indirect sunlight.

#6 Snake Plant

Source: Rhonda Nail Polish Marbury

Snake Plant also blooms flowers but it is a rare sight. The flower of this plant will fill up your home with its intense fragrance. The flowers come on tall spikes with cream and white-green hues.

#7 Four O’Clock

Source: Dengarden

Four O’Clock will bring its fragrance according to the wind when you grow it on a window box. Also, this place also provides them lots of sunlight, 3-5 hours minimum for the best growth.

#8 Chinese Perfume Plant

Source: Logees

Chinese Perfume Plant shows off bright yellow blooms with its sweet and lemon-like scent.

#9 Jasmine

Source: Whiteflowerfarm

Jasmine gives an intense aroma to your house. Grow it on a sunny spot in your home for the best flowers.

#10 Madagascar Jasmine

Source: Ourhouseplants

Madagascar Jasmine puts off starry white fragrant blooms with a waxy texture over glossy dark green leaves.

#11 Mint

Source: Herbsathome

Mint produce calming and relaxing fragrance. It is easy to grow and thrive well in hanging baskets or pretty pots.

#12 African Gardenia

Source: Windowbox

African Gardenia displays dense white flowers with a sweet fragrance. It does well in partial shade.

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