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12 Plants Can Intercrop With Tomatoes

Tomatoes are one of the crops that are easy to grow and take care of, so if you’re a beginner, tomatoes are the first choice. However, if you only grow tomatoes, you are going to waste some space because tomatoes tend to grow taller than the ground. Fortunately, there are several crops you can grow underneath your tomatoes to make the most of your space. And this is a process known as intercropping.

In the article today, we want to recommend 12 plants that can be intercropped with tomatoes that you should know about them. They will bring many benefits when grown in the same space as your tomatoes. Some will help your tomato plant grow well by providing nutrients, others will protect your plant from some harmful insects, and even help your tomatoes have tasted sweeter. Interesting, right? It’s time to check them out with us.

#1 Herbs

Growing herbs with your tomatoes is a smart choice. Many of herbs, like basil, can help to repel disease and insects, too. Even, basil improves the growth and flavor of your tomatoes, too.

#2 Groundcovers

Just about any groundcover plant can be grown with tomatoes. Many of these are also herbs, like marjoram and oregano, but you can grow any plant that grows low to the ground with tomatoes.

#3 Lettuce

Not only will the lettuce act as a living mulch to keep the soil cooler, but it can reduce the spread of disease in the garden, too. Plus, lettuce likes to be kept cool, so growing it in the shadow of your tomatoes is a good way to extend the amount of time before it goes to seed, too.

#4 Beans

Beans add nitrogen back to the soil. Meanwhile, tomatoes consume heavy amounts of nitrogen. Growing these two plants together is a smart choice that will maximize the space you have a labile. Choose bush beans instead of pole beans for the best results.

#5 Radishes

Radishes love the shade, so growing radishes under tomatoes is a smart choice. Your radishes will stay cool, which can prevent them from bolting.

#6 Root Vegetables

Most root vegetables grow well in the shadow of tomatoes, too. Growing these crops beneath your tomatoes is a great way to ensure that they don’t receive too much nitrogen but your tomatoes will love the nitrogen instead!

#7 Flowers

Flowers not only increase pollination from beneficial insects but also reduce the likelihood of pests being drawn to your tomatoes, too.

#8 Onions

Onions are great to grow beneath tomatoes because they don’t take up a lot of space and produce minimal foliage. They won’t restrict airflow and they also don’t absorb too many of the nutrients in the soil that your tomatoes need.

#9 Garlic

Garlic also takes up minimal space and won’t compete much for nutrients. It can control late blight and also helps to repel red spider mites.

#10 Amaranth

This plant is a grain crop that grows surprisingly well next to tomatoes. It can help repel insects and won’t compete for space or water.

#11 Borage

Borage grows in a fashion similar to lettuce, so you can plant it beneath your tomato plants without having to worry about it competing for space or nutrients. It can supposedly protect your plants from tomato hornworms, too.

#12 Asparagus

Asparagus is another crop you can grow under your tomatoes. It helps clear the soil of nematodes, which tend to be drawn to tomatoes, while tomatoes will help asparagus in return by getting rid of asparagus beetles.

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