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12 Stunning DIY Garden Wine Cork Ideas

After each party ends, you will collect more wine cork for your unlimited creations. So, don’t throw them out quickly, let’s save and show up your creativity as well as your handful skill with 12 wine cork ideas today. They are so simple and easy to make without requiring a lot of your efforts. It’s time to check them out with us.

You may not believe but wine corks can be useful, right? But after reading this post, you will think again! As you see, they are so beautiful and impressive. You can take advantage of them as mulch to make your garden more attractive, even you can transform them into cute planters. Or your garden has too many veggies that you always don’t remember their name, don’t worry when you are owning wine corks. They will become markers to help you can recognize. To know what they are useful, keep reading details.

#1 Wine Cork Mulch

Wine corks can work as a nice mulching material for your container garden.

#2 Wine Cork Plant Markers

These plant markers can be a nice addition to your small garden.

#3 Cork Wrapped Succulent Planter

Make this adorable cork wrapped planter for growing succulents using a glass jar, cork roll, and a few other supplies.

#4 Air Plant Wine Cork Magnets

Upcycle wine corks in a unique way by making these air plant cork magnets.

#5 DIY Wine Cork Planter Wall

Create a magnetic wine cork planter wall by attaching it to your refrigerator.

#6 DIY Cork Flower Vases

Create attractive cork flower vases for your home in a few easy steps.

#7 Colorful Cork Succulent Magnets

Another wine cork succulent magnet tutorial to follow. You can paint them in a lot of different colors.

#8 Wine Cork Tree

One of the coolest wine cork crafts that your kids will love to get involved in. This project will be ready to complete in just 10 minutes.

#9 DIY Cork Planter Box

Add interest to your container garden by creating this decorative cork planter box.

#10 Hanging Cork Planter

This impressive DIY air plant hanging basket made from wine corks. It is a great idea, right/ You can hang it indoors or outdoor.

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