13 Clever Ways To Use Toilet Paper Rolls

After using up the toilet paper rolls, what do you do with their cardboard tubes? Most of you will throw them away, right? Let’s stopping! It goes beyond its uses, it can be transformed into many useful items. That is the reason why in the article today, we want to share 13 clever ways to use toilet paper rolls that you will fall in love with. Are you ready to check them out with us!

Seed starter pots, insect hotel filler, bird feeder, fire starter, pen holder…these are practical ways to upcycle your toilet paper rolls. With these ideas, they are easy to make. All you need is a skillful hand and your creativity. Besides, you will have support items to finish, but most of them are available in your house or you can buy them at any store. If you are interested in them, save and try some.

#1 Seed Starter Pots

Hang on to a few toilet paper rolls to make little biodegradable seed pots for starting seeds in spring. Simply cut a few slits in the bottom and fold them up to create a container of sorts, fill with soil, and carefully place your seeds within. When the seedlings are ready to go outside, you can plant the cardboard tubes directly in the soil.

#2 Insect Hotel Filler

Build a bug hotel near the garden gives beneficial insects a place to overwinter and lay their eggs come spring. One easy to source filler is toilet paper rolls, stacked with hollow ends facing out.

#3 Bird Feeder

Smeared with peanut butter and rolled in birdseed, toilet paper tubes are transformed into a quick and easy bird feeder. Hang them directly on the branch. Or make a few holes in the top and bottom of the tube to hang with string or ribbon and then add sticks as a perch below.

#4 Fire Starter

Newspaper, dryer lint, and toilet paper tubes make for an excellent eco-friendly kindling to get fires blazing quickly.

#5 Fly Trap

When flies become a nuisance in the home, this quick trick will put an end to their bothersome buzzing in no time. To make, simply wrap toilet paper tubes with double-sided tape. Give it a spritz of apple cider vinegar as a lure, and hang it up with a string in your problem areas.

#6 Pen Holder

Keep pens, pencils, and office supplies well organized and accessible by covering toilet paper rolls with pretty paper. Stand them on end and tie together with string or paperclips.

#7 Electrical Cord Organizer

Prevent your collection of extension cords, USB cables, and chargers from becoming a tangled mess with some toilet paper rolls. For storage in between uses, slip neatly tied cords into the tubes and place them in a box.

#8 Yarn holder

Knitters and crocheters can wrap their last bits of yarn around the toilet paper tube to store with their stash, or avoid knots and tangles while they work.

#9 Pin Cushion

With some creative scissor cuts, a humdrum tube of toilet paper can be transformed into an adorable and useful pin cushion.

#10 Air Freshener

Fix offending odors in the basement or bathroom with this toilet paper tube air freshener. Cut the tube in half and stuff with a few sheets of toilet paper or cotton balls. Add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil to the inside. Cover with colored paper to dress it up a bit and replenish oils once they lose their aroma.

#11 Jewelry Tray

A brilliant upcycling idea for exhibiting and storing rings, earrings, pendants, and other jewelry, this DIY utilizes several toilet paper tubes nestled snugly in an empty tissue box.

#12 Eyeglass Case

To make a protective eyeglass case, all you need is a cardboard tube and some scrap fabric. You can use the rolls from toilet paper, paper towel, or wrapping paper.

#13 Phone Stand

Need a quick fix to keep your phone upright and stable? All you need is a toilet paper tube and push pins! Finish by decorating with washi tape and you’ll be good to go for hands-free video chats.

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