14 Best Apartment Plants To Liven Up Your Living Space

You want to make your apartment more beautiful by adding some green, but you have still not got any recommendations! You are going on the track to find the answer, look no further, stop here, and read amazing recommendations today. Here are the 14 Best Apartement Plants To Liven Up Your Living Space with a special touch of happiness.

Bringing them into your house, you will have a natural beauty that will brighten up any space. They can attract all the looks and are suitable for any combinations in your house. Whether you place them on the corner of the house, they still give this place the most beautiful all seasons of the year. In addition, they are so easy to grow and take care of because all of them can adapt to all conditions indoors. So, there’s nothing more suitable for your house than them, right?

#1 Iron Plant

Source: Thespruce

Iron plants don’t like the outdoor weather and direct sunlight! The evergreen leaves grow up 3-feet tall in height.

#2 Philodendrons

Source: Thespruce

Philodendrons prefer indirect light and moisture. Its young leaves will turn yellow if grown near a bright source like windowsills or outside.

#3 Spider Plants

Source: Mygardenforest

Spider Plants are easy to grow and will live anywhere around your home.

#4 Succulents

Source: Hgvt

Succulents look great on your desk or near the windowsill. They are one of the most popular houseplants to grow because it’s easy and attractive.

#5 Hoya

Source: Yates

Hoya plants display pretty flowers, they come in all shapes and sizes you can choose from. They prefer lots of indirect sunlight.

#6 Rubber Plant

Source: Brighterblooms

Rubber Plant has an elegant appearance and makes for good company in any living space. They favor indirect light.

#7 ZZ Plant

Source: Plants

ZZ Plant needs low light and doesn’t require much water at all. It shows waxy dark green leaves.

#8 Prayer Plant

Source: Trees

Prayer Plant can grow up 12 inches tall with leaves that can be up to 8 inches long. When spring comes, it will reward you with white flowers. It favors high humidity levels and some water.

#9 Lipstick Plant

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Lipstick Plant puts off blooms that look like miniature tubes of stunning red lip color. This vine requires bright sunlight.

#10 Fiddle-leaf Fig

Source: Brighterblooms

Fiddle-leaf Fig produces enormous leaves, meaning that it requires lots of sunlight to make the energy. Also, give the plant enough humidity.

#11 Pothos

Source: Bagoys

Pothos can grow up to 30 feet and offers attractive green and gold leaves.

#12 Peace Lily

Source: Cambridgeflorist

Peace Lily showcases dark-green leaves and white bracts. It needs a lot of sun.

#13 Jade

Source: Winni

Jade is a hardy houseplant and quite easy to grow. Give it enough sunlight, at least 8 hours per day.

#14 Snake Plant

Source: Swansonsnursery

Snake Plant features unusual shapes and upright green foliage that make it a stunning look. It needs well-draining soil to avoid root rot.

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