14 DIY Egg Carton Uses

14 DIY Egg Carton Uses

If you are looking for impressive that made from egg cartons, you are in the right place. In the post today we’ve listed 14 DIY Egg Carton Uses that you will fall in love with. Some are cute and lovely toys for your kids, others are supporters of the garden. To know what they are, let’s check them out with us!

Taking them a look, they are so impressive and useful, right? Have you ever tried to make these things yet? They are for those who love creativity at the weekend and they are easy to make. So, when making you can request the support of your kids to do together instead of watching TV only. Most of them just need to a short of time on making with a little effort. It’s time to learn about them with us.

#1 Springtime Baskets

Paint mini baskets of an egg carton and attach each of them with wires to recreate this idea. You can ask your kids to help along to make productive use of their free time.

#2 Egg Carton Hanging Pot

This is an awesome egg carton craft idea for plant lovers. You can use either faux or real succulents.

#3 DIY Egg Carton Succulent Garden

Egg cartons and eggshells can be used to propagate succulents. Together they’ll look like a small succulent garden while growing roots.

#4 Egg Carton Flower Vase

Put mini clear glasses in each compartment of an egg carton and fill it with water and flowers to convert it into a flower vase.

#5 DIY Bird Feeder

Hang an eco-friendly bird feeder in your yard with minimal supplies such as an empty egg carton, string, scissors, glue, and bird seeds.

#6 Egg Crates Seed Starter

Drill holes at the back of an egg crate to allow drainage and fill it with soil and seeds to give a start to your vegetable garden.

#7 Egg Carton Flower Bouquet

Make a flower bouquet using an egg carton and a striped vase out of a plastic bottle.

#8 Egg Carton Crab Craft for Kids

This egg carton crab craft can be a perfect weekend pastime project for your kids. They can keep it in their room, play with it, or place it somewhere in the backyard.

#9 DIY Egg Carton Daffodils

These bright colored daffodils are made of cardboard egg cartons. You can use them to decorate any tabletop or shelf.

#10 Fox Craft from Empty Egg Cartons

One of the coolest DIY egg cartons uses is this fox craft DIY here. Display it in the garden in a sheltered space to save from rain.

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