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14 Great Tiny Garden Ideas To Place On Your Tabletop

Have you had any idea to change your tabletop beautiful more yet? If not yet, you are in the right place to find the answer. In this post today we are so glad to share 14 great tiny garden ideas to place on your tabletop that you will love immediately. Learn about them with us.

They look so impressive, right? Not just that they also help your house closer to nature. There is nothing better than enjoying a cup of tea and seeing a miniature garden at right your house! And each has its own beauty and sizes so that you can place them on any table. When bringing them to your house, we believe that they will change the landscape of your house as you desire. Now, let’s say “goodbye” to a boring tabletop and replace it with these ideas here. Are you ready?

#1 Mini Succulent Garden

Grow different succulents in a long pot and keep it on a table for visual appeal.

#2 Mini Buddha with a Fern

A mini Budhha, fern, and other small plants will look great in a stone bowl, you can also use fake plants as an alternative.

#3 Spring Tabletop Garden

Make a spring tabletop garden using moss and flower cuttings. You can also add fake eggs to complete the look. It looks so impressive.

#4 Small Succulents and a Mini Swing

Different types of succulents arranged well on a platter will look more charming with the addition of a mini swing for that garden look.

#5 Indoor Moss Garden

A mini indoor moss garden with leaf inserts in a rock bowl will look delightful.

#6 A Succulent Garden with Miniature House

Grow aloe with other plants and succulents in a smart bowl with pebbles and a miniature house. It is beautiful when placing on your tabletop.

#7 A Lampshade Planter

This idea can be made from your old bulb. And then you can grow a plant hydroponically inside a bulb in this lampshade.

#8 Air Plants in Wood Branch

Use any wooden branch as a planter to grow air plants and display them on the table. It looks rustic but has its own attraction.

#9 Metal Greenhouse

A small metal greenhouse will look perfect, with plants housed inside, on tabletops.

#10 Fairy Garden in a Tin Container

A beautiful fairy garden with a mini birdcage, house, and plants will look spectacular in a tin container.

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