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14 Most Common Potato Diseases and Pests, and Some Ways to Remove Them

Your potato is getting some trouble and you are on track to finding methods. Look no further, you are reading the right post. Maybe this veggie is struggling with one of the most common potato plant pests and diseases. Like other plants, potatoes also are susceptible to a variety of pests and diseases that cause growth problems, defoliation, or even the death of your plants. And we’ve listed 14 Most Common Potato Diseases and Pests, as well as some ways to remove them you should know.

Potato is one of the most popular veggies to grow and they are also getting easily some problems that affect the yield. All plants are vulnerable to a range of diseases and insects and potato is no exception. So, in order to harvest high production and quality, you should look at the common potato pests and diseases as soon as possible. And these are common problems that almost every potato gardener has experienced when growing. We hope that after reading this information, it will be useful for you.

#1 Bacterial Ring Rot

Image Credits: Millerresearch

This disease is a bacterial disease that causes wilting stems and leaves, causes creamy yellow rings that turn into brown rotting spots inside of the tubers. You should plant certified seed potatoes.

#2 Blackleg

Image Credits: Springer

Blackleg is called soft rot. You should use disease-free seed potatoes, and use smart cultural practices, like crop rotation, removing infected plants, cleaning up plant debris, and avoid over-watering.

#3 Common Scab

Image Credits: Spudsmart

Common scab is a bacterium that causes raised, brown lesions with a strange, corky texture on the tubers. Using disease-free seed potatoes and practice crop rotation and keeping the soil at a lower pH range also helps to prevent common scabs.

#4 Potato Leaf Roll

Image Credits: Giantveggiegardener

Potato leaf roll causes young leaves to roll and turn yellow or pink, this viral disease causes the plants to have stunted growth. Always remove and destroy infected plants and tubers to stop the spread of this virus throughout your garden.

#5 Potato Early Blight

Image Credits: Peipotatoagronomy

Potato early blight causes the leaves to become necrotic, and on the potatoes, you’ll find dark, dry lesions on the tubers with a corky texture. Apply protective fungicides to reduce the symptoms or fertilize and water your plants appropriately to reduce stress.

#6 Verticillium Wilt

Image Credits: Gardening Know How

Verticillium wilt causes the early death of the plants.

#7 Potato Late Blight

Image Credits: Potatoesincanada

Potato late blight leads to a variety of symptoms, such as irregularly shaped brown lesions on the leaves in wet conditions. Need to destroy infected tubers and use several applications of fungicides to help slow the spread of this disease.

#8 European Corn Borer

Image Credits: Dengarden

When the pests get inside the stem, they plug the entrance and start tunneling, eventually, the stems die. Check the base of the plant regularly and remove the plants when you see the plugged stems. You can also use pheromone traps to capture the adults before they lay eggs.

#9 Cutworms

Image Credits: Spudsmart

Young potato plants are vulnerable to cutworms that live in the soil. Cutworms eat through plants at the soil level, destroying plants in no time. They are most active at night, so you need to head out into the garden in the evening to be able to find these pests.

#10 Flea Beetles

Flea beetles cause small holes or dents in the leaves. A flea beetle infestation causes reduced plant growth, even kills plants. You can use applications of diatomaceous earth and neem oil to control these pests effectively.

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