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14 Stunning Box Garden Ideas

It’s time to spend your care for your house. Making it more beautiful means you are making your life more interesting. And in the post today, we are so glad to showcase 20 different ways to utilize the box garden that everyone will say “wow”. Whether you’re looking at small containers for a balcony or porch or considering large raised garden boxes for your yard, there are myriad ways to plant them. All of them are collected here and waiting for you to explore. Here we go!

From decorative keepsake boxes to entire backyard vegetable gardens in a raised garden bed, each will give you its own inspiration. You can grow any plants that you want, maybe is flowers, plants, herbs, or vegetables. What is more, they not only give your garden tidier but also help protect your crops from insects. And spring is right around the corner, so start planning for your new box gardens now.

#1 Fill A Box Garden With Impatiens

Lovely impatiens are an easy plant to grow in your box garden.

#2 Fill A Ladder Box With Blooms

A multi-tiered box planter is a gorgeous way to bring color to your front porch. Plant with annuals, herbs, really any combination of blooms and colors you wish.

#3 Raised Bed Seedling Gardens

You can create a raised bed nursery for your younger plants. These gridded raised bed boxes are excellent for starting seeds and giving your plants a lovely start before moving them to their mature garden spot.

#4 A Corner Of The Yard For Your Box Garden

If you have a multi-purpose yard with active outdoor activities, it doesn’t mean you can’t have your vegetables, too. Tuck your gorgeous box garden against the fence wall and out of the way of the slip-n-slide.

#5 Use The Box For Your Garden’s Helping Hand

Maybe you love the box, but not for planting. Consider taking an old crate and flipping it up to add some character and height to a concrete planter.

#6 A Box Garden Full Of Herbs

A deck box garden is a perfect place to plant your favorite culinary herbs. Slip out of your kitchen or dining room door to snip off what you need for supper on the patio.

#7 A Creche As A Box Garden

No rule says all box gardens must be square or rectangle-shaped. These lovely creche-inspired gardens will soon be tumbling over with squash.

#8 Side Holes In Box Garden For Cascading Plants

If you add a few side holes into your raised box garden, you can plant plants that will beautifully cascade down the sides.

#9 Turn Your Backyard Into A Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

Raised bed vegetable gardens is a lovely environment for growing things with few weeds and a way to protect your gardens from mischievous bunnies. It’s also very easy to work your way around and through your gardens with the borders of gravel pathways.

#10 The Right Height Raised Bed Garden

If you are an older gardener, you might consider raising your vegetable beds a few more inches. This allows for less bending or even being able to work from a motorized chair if the paths are wide enough between.

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