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14 Unique Trailing Foliage Plants

If you are looking to create a wow factor in your hanging basket, window boxes, or container garden displays? The 14 Unique Trailing Foliage Plants have twenty fantastic varieties to help you do just that. They are ideal for small or large spaces and promise to add depth and interest to your living space plant displays, adding height and softness to the room you’re displaying them in. Even better, they also can improve your mood and brighten your day with their beauty and presence!

Thanks to unique leaf textures and stems, these plants produce long, trailing stems enabling their stems to cascade down for looking great to display beautiful and dramatic effects. You can plant them in various containers and pots or directly into the ground wherever you need them. To know for sure which trailing plants might work for you, scroll down and keep reading.

#1 Golden Creeping Jenny

Source: Greg

Golden Creeping Jenny is a low-growing plant. It shows off its beauty by producing small, rounded, golden yellow leaves that look like a string of small coins with a few glandular black dots if you look closely.

#2 Ferns

Source: Naturallist

There are a number of ferns with beautiful foliage attractions that you can choose from to include in both your landscape and inside your home, as these green beauties can make versatile additions to either place. Growing a fern garden outdoors is easy by their resilience and adaptability.
With a fabulous color combination of green and yellow striped foliage, this plant is a true eye-catcher for your porch.

#3 Creeping Inch Plant

Source: Svrinfotech

The leaves of this plant come in twin colors, with a shade of green above and a slight hue of purple below that gives it a contrasting look.

#4 Red Trailing Queen Coleus

Source: Bloomingbackyard

Coleus is one of the best foliage plants, and you can grow it in hanging baskets as well.

#5 Sweet Potato Vine

Source: Southernliving

Sweet potato vines spill marvelously over the sides of containers with heart-shaped or oak-like leaves having colors from chartreuse to nearly black.

#6 String of Turtles

Source: Bybrittanygoldwyn

This slow-growing succulent vine has an attractive set of fleshy button-like leaves with white veins that look plump like they are full of water.

#7 Turquoise Jade Vine

Source: Pixels

Turquoise Jade Vine has malvin and saponarin pigments in its leaves, so it looks stunning in turquoise color. The plant grows gorgeous hanging stems making it a must-grow trailing vine.

#8 String of Pearls

Source: Terraplantsandflowers

This string of pearls has fleshy, bright-green plump leaves that look like spherical, marble-like rows of little balls. Can be a great indoor plant too!

#9 Spider Plant

Source: Bradfordgreenhouses

Spider plant grows fast and produces baby plants that dangle pleasingly from hanging baskets, it is so easy to grow. It also removes airborne pollutants from the air, making it a great indoor plant.

#10 Nasturtium

Source: Etsy

The trailing stems of Nasturtium look perfect while dangling down from containers with pad-like leaves and beautiful bright flowers.

#11 Red Rhipsalis

Source: Rareplant

Red Rhipsalis has red-violet semi-succulent foliage that can be a stunning addition to the hanging baskets. The small, ornamental berries of the plant make it look more alluring.

#12 Variegated Fuchsia

Source: Gumtree

#13 Inch Plant

Source: Gardenanswers

Tradescantia has some amazing trailing plants with beautiful foliage. It is so great to make your house more impressive.

#14 Parrot’s Beak

Source: A2oshop

This trailing perennial displays exotic, bright crimson flowers and silver-gray needle-like leaves. It makes for an ideal annual plant for hanging baskets.

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