14“Easiest-To-Grow” Vegetables For Beginning Gardeners

14“Easiest-To-Grow” Vegetables For Beginning Gardeners

I have just done the gardening for 3 years. My family moved to a new house that has a garden. Initially, I just wanted to make full use of its space by planting a variety of vegetables, herbs and flowers. Amazingly, this has added a new appearance to my garden and has also provided us with seasonal vegetables for cooking. Taking care of the plants in the garden is now my hobby. This is what starts my day and makes me feel good, too.

To make your gardening more enjoyable from the beginning, we write this post. It shows 14 “easiest-to-grow” vegetables for beginning gardeners. Patience is the key when it comes to nurturing any living thing. To grow these veggies, you need also have this. I really enjoy the moment of harvesting and eating what I’ve planted. It’s a rewarding journey and still gets me hooked. Hope that you also enjoy your gardening life!

#1 Lettuce

If you are a gardening novice or just want to start a vegetable garden, lettuce is the first that you should try. This cool weather crop can start with seeds or seedling and quite quick to harvest.

#2 Radish

Radishes is another cool weather crop that is extremely easy to grow. You can plant radish plants directly in your garden or in containers, and harvest within 3 weeks.

#3 Green Beans

Green beans are a great vegetable to start your vegetable garden. They don’t have many pests and don’t require a lot of baby sitting. You can start with the seeds.

#4 Tomatoes

Tomatoes cannot be missed in this collection. They’re one of my favorites for gardening. For beginners, you can start with plants from a nursery and move to seeds from your own tomatoes once you have some experience.

#5 Squash

Squash is also a recommended vegetable for beginning gardeners. Weather provided with a trellis or not, these squash plants still grow well and offer you pounds and pounds of squash to feed you all summer long.

#6 Basil

Although basil isn’t exactly a vegetable, it’s still great to add to “to-grow-vegetable” list of any new gardeners. Basil is incredibly easy to grow and quick to produce. You can harvest this plant again and again all season.

#7 Bell Peppers

You can definitely grow peppers even when you do not have any experience with gardening. Pepper plants do not have many pests or diseases and prefer sun lights of summer.

#8 Cucumber

Cucumbers are also worth mentioning here. They’re great to eat on their own, pickled, or added to a number of fresh and flavorful salads.  These cucumber plants offer you dozens and dozens of cucumbers to enjoy all summer long.

#9 Peas

If you love the crunchy, sweetness of a homegrown pea, just spend a spot in your garden for it. Pea plants don’t have many pests and don’t need much care. Make a trellis for them and they’ll grow much better.

#10 Eggplants

Eggplants are also easy to grow and do not have many can start with plants from a nursery. If you are a beginner, I suggest you start with transplants from the garden center.

#11 Spinach

You can grow spinach directly in soil in your garden or in containers. They’re great to plant with other greens and herbs.

#12 Okra

Okra is also a great vegetable for gardening novice. You can start with the seeds in a place that has a lot of sunlight.

#13 Beets

Beets are another cold weather root crop that are easy to grow. You can start the project with seeds and harvest within 2 months.

#14 Carrots

Carrots is also added to this list.  Make sure your soil is loose so the roots grow straight.

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