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15 Best Flowers For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming in just about one month, it’s time to think about choosing flowers as a way to convey this message for this holiday. In this post today, we will give you some recommendations to help you make surprise your partner. And here are the 15 Best Flowers For Valentine’s Day dedicated to love and romance. Whether it’s rich reds, vibrant pinks or delicate whites, or even the more unconventional bouquets, these beautiful Valentine’s Day flowers today have their own symbolist.

Asters, Gerbera Daisy, Tulips, Matthiola Incana or Stocks, and more… these plants symbolize the romantic Valentine season, they are decorative accessories that bring warmth and happiness to your loved ones. Not only that they also instantly brighten up a room when you choose the perfect arrangement. If you are considering a little floral inspiration, keep reading to know their own meanings to make your loved ones smile.

#1 Asters

Source: Southernliving

Aster also means star and represents Venus, which is the zodiac sign of the virgin and love in all forms. You can choose pink and red asters to show your date your love and undying devotion to them.

#2 Gerbera Daisy

Source: Bhg

Gerbera Daisy represents innocence, purity, and beauty, as well as youthfulness and joy, these flowers are said to heal broken hearts. You can choose the pink or red gerbera daisy because of their association with love, passion, and admiration.

#3 Tulips

Source: Chicagotribune

The most common meaning for tulips is for deep or perfect love. Red tulips have the deepest association with everlasting love, pink tulips are perfect for your romantic partners as well due to their association with confidence and happiness.

#4 Matthiola Incana or Stocks

Source: Chaletnursery

The stock has a strong scent thought to promote love and lust in humans, whilst the Matthiola Incana has a long shelf life. So, giving these flowers to a loved one will mean you wish for them to have a contented existence, a happy life, and lasting beauty.

#5 Orchids

Source: Brilliantorchids

With the suggestive look, orchids are associated with beauty, love, strength, luxury, elegance, fertility, and seduction. If you decide to give your friend flowers for Valentine’s day, choose yellow orchids because they symbolize eternal friendship, new beginnings, and accomplishment.

#6 Daffodils

Source: Thespruce

The daffodil is the 10-year anniversary flower and is said to give 12 months of good luck to anyone who receives them on Valentine’s Day.

#7 Red Chrysanthemums

Source: Sarahraven

Red Chrysanthemums symbolize fidelity, longevity, optimism, and joy, but the red color represents love and deep passion.

#8 Sunflower

Source: Ukrgate

Many couples give their spouse a single sunflower during the summer as a gift to represent strength.

#9 Gardenias

Source: Homedepot

Gardenias are a symbol of joy, purity, and deep, old-fashioned love. White gardenias represent new love, red petals symbolize respect, admiration, passion, and secret love between two people.

#10 Roses

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Roses are beautiful flowers that everyone associates with love and romance, but they also mean confidentiality and secrecy.

#11 Carnations

Source: Masterclass

Carnations generally represent new love and fascination. Light or dark red carnation is the perfect gift for your Valentine because they represent admiration, affection, and love.

#12 Alstroemeria

Source: Pixabay

Alstroemeria represents devotion and friendship. White represents strength, love, purity, and support, yellow is vibrant and fun. If you want to go for a romantic twist to your bouquet, choose pink and red, as they represent playfulness, romance, eternal love, and passion.

#13 Casa Blanca Lilies

Source: Crocus

Casa Blanca lilies only come in pure white petals, with white often representing purity and grace. They also represent a celebration.

#14 Peonies

Source: Americanmeadows

Peonies are tied to different symbols and meanings include prosperity, romance, riches, compassion, honor, good fortune, and happy marriage.

#15 Ranunculus

Source: Thespruce

Ranunculus has a wide variety of meanings including attractiveness, charm, and radiance. Red, pink, or white to represent your love and passion for the individual.

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