15 Best Plants That Attract Dragonflies And Also Repel Mosquito

When it comes to beneficial insects, most of you will think of bees or butterflies firstly. Do you know that dragonflies also are one of them? They are predatory, carnivorous insects that eat a wide range of garden pests, including mosquitoes. Not just that, they own colorful bodies and dramatic aerobatic moves that make them are a lovely addition to any garden. They not only are helpful but also beautiful! So, if you’re planning for your garden, add in some of the plants that attract dragonflies, they’ll turn your yard into a spectacular, mosquito-free zone.

And in the post today, we want to share the 15 Best Plants That Attract Dragonflies And Also Repel Mosquito helping you can enjoy more the time outdoors. These plants are so easy to grow and care for. At the same time, they also show off stunning colorful flowers to brighten up your landscape also attract the lovely insects. Just grow some of the pond plants and surround the garden with blooming flowers from the selection below. Keep reading to know more about them!

#1 Giant Coneflower

Source: Lpmga

The flower of the Giant Coneflower can reach 6 inches across, giving your yard a bold, showy look. The plant prefers to grow in spots with lots of sunshine. Dragonflies love to rest in the centers so you also don’t need to worry about mosquitoes.

#2 Joe-Pye Weed

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Joe-Pye Weed is a gorgeous flower that easily brings more dragonflies to your yard. About halfway through the summer, the plants sprout large clusters of light-purple flowers. This plant is a low-maintenance option and favors growing in a spot with plenty of drainages.

#3 Meadow Sage

Source: Live-native

Meadow Sage shows off tall spikes of purple flowers rise high above the bright green leaves and dragonflies love to hang out nearby. In addition, the natural substances in meadow sage repel garden pests.

#4 Cattail

Source: Morningchores

If you have a big pond in the yard, you should grow Cattail as this plant is a great way to deter mosquitoes and encourage dragonflies. Besides, the plant is tall and lush creating a beautiful border along the edge of the water whilst giving dragonflies lots of places to hide.

#5 Sweet Coneflower

Source: Creaseymahannaturepreserve

Sweet Coneflower blooms stunning flowers that attract dragonflies to make your garden more alive in no time. The flowers have brilliant yellow petals that contrast beautifully with the dark centers, creating an eye-catching twist.

#6 Borage

Source: Gardenersworld

Borage produces stunning bright-blue flowers with pointed petals to attract dragonflies. Its stems also are covered in a delicate, feathery coating that’s appealing to dragonflies. The leaves of this herb can be used to cook summer dishes.

#7 Water Horsetail

Source: Thespruce

Water Horsetail grows in tall, slim stalks that look a little bit like miniature bamboo plants that make this plant are the best way to attract dragonflies for egg-laying.

#8 Black-Eyed Susan

Source: Wholesalenurseryco

Black-Eyed Susan attracts dragonflies by producing the lush green foliage and the large flowers where dragonflies will fly into the leaves to lay their eggs and take care of nymphs. Once the new insects are full-grown, your garden will come to life.

#9 Wild Celery

Source: Nps

Wild Celery is a great shelter for dragonflies by producing lots of long, skinny leaves, creating plenty of places for dragonflies to lay their eggs and nurture their young.

#10 Water Lily

Source: Pondplants

The water lily is one of the most beautiful aquatic plants that display flowers featuring thick, layered petals resting on large, round leaves. And dragonflies love to lay their eggs on these stunning plants.

#11 Arrowhead

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Arrowhead is an aquatic species that grows roots under the surface of a pond or pool. Its stems and leaves grow above the water, creating plenty of space for dragonflies to rest. The large, arrow-shaped leaves add a splash of bright color to your garden, and the delicate white flowers bring the yard to life every spring.

#12 Yarrow

Source: Theseedcollection

Yarrow is one of the beautiful flowers that bring both color and dragonflies to your garden. This plant is a low-maintenance choice so that you can start growing from seeds. This hardy plant rewards your work with brilliant pink properties each summer.

#13 Swamp Milkweed

Source: Reinsteinwoods

Swamp Milkweed is an excellent option to grow in the garden by growing to be about 3 feet wide in just one season. It produces enormous clumps of delicate flowers that attract dragonflies and also encourages butterflies to visit your yard.

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