15 Common Tropical Houseplants

Even if you live in a colder climate, growing tropical houseplants is a great way to bring color and exotic flair to your living space. They are straightforward to take care of indoors if what they want whether or not that’s daylight, water, or bugs, even can flourish in your home for years. Right here’s an inventory of a number of fascinating tropical houseplants to keep indoors. Also, there are tips on how to keep these beauties thriving to bring the tropical vibe and natural beauty into the living space that you dream of.

Many tropical houseplants are best known for their eye-popping flowers, but some varieties are preferred for their large, unusually patterned, or variegated leaves, and the list below has perfect options you choose from. You can grow them indoors with a little effort and care to bring a bit of the jungle or rainforest into your living room, bath, or bedroom. Whether standing on the floor, hanging from shelves and hanging baskets, or draped on windowsills, they promise to give your home the look of an exotic jungle.

#1 India Rubber Fig (Ficus elastica robusta)

Source: Pinterest

India Rubber Fig is a tropical plant but it also grows well in low humidity. To grow it indoors, give the plant brightly lit rooms and quite a lot of daylight, and avoid direct daylight as this could burn your plant’s leaves.

#2 Jade Plant (Crassula argentea)

Source: Picturethisai

Jade Plant is a tropical succulent, it requires a little bit of direct daylight, at least 6 hours per day. Water it a couple of times each week and permit the soil to dry out between waterings for happy growth.

#3 Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera Deliciosa)

Source: Thehometome

The Swiss Cheese Plant thrives in oblique daylight when it’s grown indoors. Give it reasonably water throughout its rising season, and you can scale back this quantity in the winter and fall months, even just watering it when the top soil appears dry.

#4 Chinese language Evergreen (Aglaonema)

Source: Inbloomflorist

Chinese language Evergreen is easy to grow in any condition as long as it is saved out of direct daylight. The tropical plant needs ample water drainage, plant it inside the right pot so that the water is not going to accumulate and injure the plant’s roots.

#5 Birds Of Paradise (Strelitzia reginae)

Source: Justgardenthings

Birds Of Paradise needs 4 and 6 hours of full daylight to bloom and gets water each 1 to 2 weeks. The plant displays bright colors that may invoke the sensation of being on a tropical island.

#6 Amazonian Elephant Ear (Alocasia X Amazonica)

Source: Thespruce

Amazonian Elephant Ear tolerates shady rooms, but for optimum growth, you should preserve it in places where it gets at least 20% daylight, 40% at the greatest. Give the tropical plant much moist soil regularly in the rising season.

#7 Winterbourne (Xanadu Philodendron)

Source: Blackjungleterrariumsupply

Winterbourne requires indirect daylight from medium to shiny quantities. This plant is extremely adaptable and can survive in low mild. To care for this tropical plant, water the plant so that the water seeps by the pot’s drainage gap, and remember to discard any extra water to keep away from rotting roots.

#8 Norfolk Island Pine (Araucaria heterophylla)

Source: Crocus

Norfolk Island Pine is a beautiful evergreen and it’s one of the best tropical plants to grow happily indoors. needs to keep away from direct daylight, away from chilly and windy drafts. This plant loves high humidity and tolerates quite a lot of water but the soil has to be well drained for happy growth.

#9 Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

Source: Etree

Peace Lily grows effectively in oblique daylight and low-lit rooms. If gets an excessive amount of solar, its leaves will be easily burned. Give the plant enough water, at least one time each week, especially when the leaves will develop a bit droopy.

#10 Fortunate Bamboo (Dracaena braunii)

Source: Oxy-plants

Fortunate Bamboo needs much oblique daylight and water regularly but not an excessive amount. So, you should give the plant soil to be not too moist and never too dry. This tropical houseplant also develops properly in heat temperatures.

#11 Venus Fly Entice (Dionaea Muscipula)

Source: Allaboutgardening

Venus Fly Entice is a fascinating tropical plant and loves humid temperatures and much sunlight to display the intense pink coloring inside its “mouth”. Also, water it on a regular basis for its happy growth.

#12 Snake Plant (Dracaena trifasciata)

Source: Ourhouseplants

Snake Plant is a slow-growing plant, but it also develops higher and sooner if grown in heat temperatures with much sunlight. When grown indoors, the plant is hard to bloom, however, you can enjoy the unique beauty of the leaves. Give it reasonable water to avoid roots from rotting.

#13 Areca (Dypsis Lutescens)

Source: Peachandpalm

Areca needs oblique daylight for its growth, at least 6 hours each day. The ideal places are a low-lit window sill or sun-bearing nook, also water the plant each week, and every ten days throughout fall and winter.

#14 Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis Miller)

Source: Gardeningchores

Aloe Vera doesn’t like direct sunlight because this can burn its leaves. If growing it indoors, you should give it water every 2 weeks and permit the soil to dry earlier than watering once more, and every 4 weeks in winter months.

#15 Zz Plant (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia)

Source: Bouldergardens

Zz Plant is a perennial tropical plant and grows fairly slowly. The best quantity of daylight to provide your Zz plant is around 12 hours and you also should watch out to not over water.

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