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15 Easy and Beautiful Butterfly Garden Ideas

15 Easy and Beautiful Butterfly Garden Ideas

There is nothing better than seeing butterfly gardens are colorful, fragrant, and alive with the fluttering of rainbow wings in right your garden, right? While public butterfly gardens have become quite a touristy spot with people flooding in from around the world to observe the butterflies fly, you also can enjoy butterflies in your garden instead of going far and watch as the flying visitors flutter past you.

In this article, we’ll share with you some of our favorite butterfly garden ideas. We’ve included a quick and easy guide to make your own butterfly garden along with a list of the best butterfly-friendly plants. And you can make your porch, patio, or garden the ultimate flower hangout for butterflies. Once your butterfly garden is ready, sit out on a warm, calm day, and watch as the flying visitors flutter past you.

#1 Butterfly Garden Bench

And what could be better than a bench with a butterfly-shaped backrest to rest for a while and observe the butterflies up close?

#2 Front Yard Butterfly Garden

Invite butterflies to your front yard by planting an array of nectar-rich bloomers. Arrange them in clusters so that near-sighted butterflies find it easy to spot the swaths of color.

#3 Butterfly Garden in a Small Space

Don’t have enough garden space to devote to a butterfly garden? Don’t worry. You can still create a space to entice these cute insects. Line a patch in your garden with old and useless wooden posts, as in the image below. Alternatively, you can use bricks. Next, grow butterfly-friendly plants in it to turn it into a culinary retreat for butterflies.

#4 Lakeside Butterfly Garden

Not many people would consider lakes when thinking about garden habitats for butterflies. But when designed with these winged insects in mind, a lake (or a small pond) can be extremely beneficial.

#5 Patio Butterfly Garden

Now, here’s another great idea for you to try out—a patio butterfly garden. Create a striking display of plants by growing aster, purple coneflower, black-eyed susan, milkweed, and daisy. Grow plants with different hues, blooming seasons, and heights. This will help create a multilayered and multi-season garden that will appeal to many types of butterflies.

#6 Butterfly Garden Park

The butterflies will also need some water source like a pond or a birdbath in the park, along with trees and shrubs for shade. For visitors, a well-paved path for strolling and some benches to rest on should be enough.

#7 Butterfly Garden Boutique Villa

How about converting your garden into a butterfly-friendly boutique villa where visitors can come and stay? Create a fairy tale atmosphere around your villa by planting bright bloomers.

#8 Balcony Butterfly Garden

A colorful and fragrant butterfly garden on your balcony will add some pizzazz to your space. Plus, it’s an easy way to get gardening if you live in an urban space with little or no green space.

#9 Butterfly Garden in Container

Grow the plants that butterflies like in containers. Butterflies aren’t picky about the containers, so pick the ones that match your style. Even if you have a small space, a few well-chosen containers will encourage butterflies to stop by for a visit.

#10 DIY Butterfly Garden

Grow easy-to-care-for plants that butterflies love. And don’t forget the ones that caterpillars enjoy eating. As a bonus, the plants that attract butterflies will also invite bees and birds to your garden.

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