15 Easy DIY Desktop Water Feature Ideas

15 Easy DIY Desktop Water Feature Ideas

If you are looking for something special to make your home more interesting, you are on the right track to find that answer. In this post today, we’ve 21 great water gardening ideas that will inspire you. These ideas here are easy to make for a mini green setup on coffee tables or small spaces. Especially, they will give a great look if you live in a small apartment or studio where you don’t have much space for a garden. Check them out!

Scrolling down slowly, you will see that they are so beautiful and impressive. Whether you choose any idea, they will liven up your living space. So, we hope that you will choose one that is suitable for your favorite as well as your space. Maybe the time has come for you to do some water gardening ideas right now!

#1 Container Water Garden

Source: Hgvt

#2 Mini Lotus Water Lily Terrarium in Recycled Glass

Source: Flickr

#3 Purple Heart From Cuttings In Glass Vase

Source: Creativejewishmom

#4 Water Garden In Glass Cup

Source: Northernbushcraft.tumblr

#5 DIY Water Fountain

Source: Etsy

#6 Indoor Water Garden

Source: Hearthandvine

#7 Table Top Water Garden Pond

Source: Flickr

#8 Tall Water Garden

Source: Carousell

#9 Table Top Water Garden Pond

Source: Midwestliving

#10 Fairy Tale Charming Low-Budget DIY Mini Ponds In Pots

Source: Homesthetics

#11 Monstera Glass Vase


#12 Succulent In Water

Source: Shopterrain

#13 Green Indoor Water Garden

Source: Hallmarkchannel

#14 Plant In Water Bowl

Source: Peoplehype

#15 Indoor Koi Pond Ideas

Source: Sunset

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