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15 Easy DIY Garden Projects For Pallet Fence

Gardening features DIY projects that both beginning and experienced gardeners can deal with. It might be garden fence, easy vegetables to start a garden, plant supports, patio decoration or garden artwork. It’s such a rewarding journey. They not only make your garden more striking but also offer you tons of vegetables for family meals.

I’ve got interested in garden fence recently. The reason is that I need to renovate my garden and mark up the use of every corner. Then I searched for garden fence and fell for pallet fence. Most of them are easy to carry out and friendly to my budget. I summed up here and love to share these 15 easy DIY garden project for pallet fence to you guys. Hope they spice up your gardening time!

#1 Blue Pallet Fence

A garden full of climbing rose bushes or other flowering plants will surely grasp the eyes of any passing by it.  Go with a blue pallet fence and gate, your garden is more stunning.

#2 Simple Wooden Pallet Fence

Get some wooden pallets, nail them up around the yard and give it a simple whitewash. Then, you have fence for your yard.

#3 Planter Topped Fence

This idea is great when your garden does not have enough rooms or you want to make your pallet fence more impressive.  Build small planters on top of your pallet fence, fill with soil and start with the seeds.

#4 Gated Pallet Fence

This pallet fence project is incredibly easy to make, and probably at no expense. Place some flower pots near it to make it more eye-catching.

#5 Black Ballet Fence

Paint your ballets black and hang your fence with hanging pots of various flowers. Very creative idea!

#6 Fencing for Balcony Garden

If your balcony needs fencing, just give ballet fence a go.

#7 Tiny Garden Fence

This tiny garden fence is perfect for a small garden attached to one of the walls of your house. It’s pretty cool and super easy to make

#8 Modern Wooden Pallet Fence

This wooden pallet fence works as the house to a number of plants. It not only adds a new appearance to your garden but also makes your house “greener”.

#9 A Funky Pallet Fence Idea

Build a simple fence, carve shapes out of the leftover wood, and nail it to the fence, or draw some art, or even graffiti onto it, in order to suit your style. It will be striking in the garden.

#10 DIY Patio Pallet Fence

You can definitely use old pallets to make fence for patio.  Paint flowers, or any other art of your choice on it, and you have unique fence that may dazzle anyone passing by your house

#11 Herb Garden Fence

You can definitely make your own living wall of herbs from pallets. This offer you vegetables for family meals and add a green appearance to your house.

#12 Picket Fence with Pallets

If you get bored with making pallet frames attached to each other, you can make boxes of planters and stack them one after the other, until the required height of the fence is achieved.

#13 Compost Bin

Pallets  are a perfect solution for fencing off your compost pile. It’s easy to make and inexpensive.

#14 Square Pallet Fence Idea

This pallet fence creates a place to raise cattle, or grow some veggies or have a garden. It’s also easy and quick to make.

#15 Pallet Fence Idea for a Small Garden

Want to grow some shrubs or flowering plants in your small yard? Build garden fence of wooden pallets around this space. Then a small garden comes. Your plants can grow inside or on the fence itself.

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