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15 Full Sun Annual Flowers For Your Summer Garden

Owning a sunny garden filled with flowers is a great thing that everyone loves, but not all flowers can tolerate harsh sunlight. And a lot of flowers will wither and die when they’re exposed to all-day under sunshine, especially during the heat of summer. However, there are some annuals that grow well in full sun. And in the list today, we will share 15 Full Sun Annual Flowers to add life and color to your summer garden. They love the sun and promise to give the best beautiful flowers to your garden.

All plants and flowers need the sun but only a few can tolerate its strength during the heat of summer. And these are flowers that can tolerate full exposure to the sunlight without your worry. In addition, they are easy to grow and will bring life to your garden regardless of its size. If you don’t have enough space, you can grow them in pots, containers, or hanging baskets for a spectacular display. Is your garden ready for summer with these full sun annual flowers? Grow some and enjoy the beauty!

#1 Snapdragon

Image Credits: Gardeners World

Snapdragons are spectacular annual flowers and love plenty of suns, they grow well in cool climates and have a long blooming period.

#2 Zinnia

Image Credits: Good Housekeeping

Zinnias need full sun to produce beautiful flowers. They will do well when seeded directly in the garden and the best time to plant zinnia seeds is in spring when the weather has warmed up.

#3 California Poppy

Image Credits: Gardening Know How

California Poppy blooms from early summer until fall and gives beautiful flowers with color from orange, cream, yellow, pink, or red. They are perennials but they re-seed easily and grow fast, that is the reason why they’re commonly grown as annuals. They prefer well-draining soil that is slightly sandy and they love full sun.

#4 Cosmos

Image Credits: Seeds Now

Cosmos are fast-growing and drought-tolerant annual flowers. They produce stunning flowers with pink, red, yellow, orange, white or purple color. They prefer growing in full sun.

#5 Lantana

Image Credits: Flora Queen

Lantana has clusters of small flowers that can be yellow, pink, orange, white, or red in color, they look great when grown in containers and hanging baskets. It is another flower that can be grown as an annual or perennial.

#6 Celosia

Image Credits: Gardening Chores

Celosia is beautiful showy annuals that come in a range of colors including yellow, orange, red, pink, and purple. They grow best in rich soil.

#7 Pentas

Image Credits: Better Homes and Gardens

Pentas produce beautiful star-shaped flowers that are great for attracting bees to the garden.

#8 Poppy

Image Credits: Country Living Magazine

Poppy comes in a variety of colors including red, yellow, orange, and pink. They are beautiful bright flowers that grow best in full sun.

#9 Petunia

Image Credits: Ferry-Morse

Petunias are easy to grow annual flowers that love the full sun and bloom throughout summer. They look great when grown in containers and hanging baskets.

#10 Vervain

Image Credits: Gardenia

Vervain blooms from summer until early fall and can grow from 4 to 5 feet tall. It is easy to grow from seed and flowers best in a sunny position.

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