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15 Ideas For Awesome Living Willow Structures

Living willow is a gorgeous yet budget-friendly structure that dedicates to the appearance of your house. As it’s fun to make, you can consider it as a DIY project. It would be an awesome place for your kids to play in. If you provide this willow work with some chairs and a table, you can definitely enjoy your relaxing time here. Nice view pairing with good drink is always great. Summer is coming. You may also have meals in here.

And, here are 15 ideas for awesome living willow structures I would like to recommend today. If you get interested in making something impressive yet inexpensive for your house, these are the way to go. Alongside from creating shelters, this structure can serve as a fence or a sculpture. Too good to turn it into DIY project, right? Let’s check them out!

#1 Living Willow Tunnel

This living willow tunnel will be bright, striking in your garden. It’s a beautiful place to hang out with family and friends in summer. Your kids? They would love play in here with siblings.

#2 Living Willow Dome

This living willow dome can be moved to another place at festivals and outdoor shows. If you have one at your garden,  you will love sitting here to drink something good and read a favorite book.

#3 Willow Fence

If you want to innovate your garden fence, this willow fence is worth trying. As willows grow, they make an excellent privacy fence.

#4 Willow-Sheltered Seating Area

Another willow structure for seating. It helps create shade in a yard. Who do not love sitting here and having a good freshing drink?

#5 Willow Fence and Tunnel

A perfect combination of willows and fence. Who can resist passing by this tunnel?

#6 Living Dome in a Schoolyard

This is an amazing school project that kids can involve in. They help build the dome, play in here, and watch the willows grow everyday.

#7 Decorative Willow Fence

This willow fence serve as beautiful garden border. It surely makes the garden more charming and marks the space for the plants to grow in.

#8 Willow Archway

Willows have long been an awesome plant plant to shape as an archway over a garden gate. If you grow them right, willows can provide beautiful, green structures on your property that last for years!

#9 Willow Fence in Winter

This willow fence sits in a courtyard in Toronto. It’s a more mature willow fence that provides privacy in winter, and even more in the summer when the fence fills out with green leaves.

#10 Mature Willow Privacy Fence

Another willow fence for you to consider. It’s a more mature fence with taller willows and more leaves.

#11 Artsy Willow Tunnel

This artsy willow tunnel sits in a community park. It’s beautiful and the kids will love playing in here.

#12 Willow Tunnel in a Garden

A garden would be a striking place with a willow tunnel and veggie plants grown along the way. If your garden is large enough, give this idea a go.

#13 Willow Den For Kids

As kids love playing on the ground, why not build a den out of willows for them? It creates shade for them play in. It’s so much fun to do it and let your kids involve in if they get interested.

#14 Willow House

If you want larger living willow structures, why not build willow houses? They would look like something out of a fairy tale.

#15 Willow Arbors

This beautiful willow structure is large and elaborate. It’s a great addition to yards and parks.

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