15 Popular Mistakes When Growing Orchids You Should Avoid

Orchids are one of the most beautiful plants that many people love growing of bright color and long-blooming flowers, even last for few months. Not just that they are hardy plants that require minimal care from owners. However, they also have their own growth features and conditions. If you are growing orchids at home or considering growing this stunning plant, you may be interested to know how to keep them thriving for as long as possible in the post today.

All orchids will grow healthily as long as they are given the right amounts of water, oxygen, light, humidity, and nutrition. However, lack of knowledge or over-enthusiasm can cause growers to make certain mistakes that can jeopardize the health of orchids. So, here we want to share the 15 Popular Mistakes When Growing Orchids You Should Avoid. beautiful blooms. After reading the post, we hope you will understand how to take care of them regularly and grow your orchids healthily, and have beautiful blooms. Even if you are a newbie orchid grower, you also grow them well with full of flowers.

#1 Place Your Orchid In Direct Sunlight

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Although indoors plant love sunlight, you shouldn’t keep orchids in direct sunlight exposure. Keeping them on an east-facing window or outdoors where your plant gets the mild morning sun for 1-2 hours.

#2 Not Giving Your Plant Enough Ventilation

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Orchids prefer well-ventilated for their best growth. Although you shouldn’t make crowding them with other houseplants, you can group 2-3 orchids to create a humid environment.

#3 Choose The Right Growing Medium

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Growing orchid by using soil is a big mistake because this plant just thrives the best when grown in sphagnum peat or moss, fir bark, perlite, coconut husk chips, and diatomite, or a mixture of these materials.

#4 Don’t Transplant Orchids While They Are Blooming

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The time of blooming is so important for plants as it has directed all its energy in flowering. So, if you will transplant during this time, then your plants won’t be able to handle the transplant shock and may even die.

#5 Fertilizing Excessively

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Most people think that fertilizing is good for plants and trees but that’s not the case with orchids. To avoid cause harm to orchids, you should use a fertilizer that contains equal parts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium like (10-10-10) in a half or one-quarter strength, diluting it with water. Then, apply it once in 5-6 weeks for the best growth.

#6 Choosing The Wrong Type

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There are many types of orchids with their different growing requirements and you can easily choose from the best one for your needs.

#7 Misting The Flowers

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Although orchids love growing well in humidity, misting the flowers will result in untimely death and wilting of the blooms.

#8 Watering The Foliage

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Only water the soil, avoid the leaves and flowers, this will save your plant from rotting and wilting.

#9 Using Hard Water

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If you using hard water, this leads to excessive salt and sodium built up in the roots that will prevent the plant from taking up water and nutrients, resulting in wilted foliage and no flowers. For the best, keeping the tap water overnight to help salts settle down before watering, or you can also use spring, well, RO, or aquarium water.

#10 Using Too Hot Or Cold Water

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If you use too hot or cold water will shock the orchid and will also result in root damage.

#11 Not Re-Potting Them

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Give a new potting mix for your plants when you want to re-potting them, also is a chance to help you inspect their roots. Planting every 1-2 years to keep it in the best of its health. However, if your orchids have not grown many roots. you don’t have to use a bigger pot.

#12 Overwatering

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Keep in mind that orchid is not like other houseplants so water your orchid only when the growing medium feels a bit dry to touch.

#13 Underwatering

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Although orchids don’t like overwatering, this doesn’t mean that you end up underwatering the plant because low watering will result in the yellowing of leaves and will also make the plant lose all its buds.

#14 Keeping Your Orchid In A Cool Spot

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If you live in a cool climate, you should avoid keeping the plant near to a window, where it can catch cold drafts of air.

#15 Not Keeping Them Clean

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Not only give your orchid enough water but you should also give a nice clean-up to the leaves once a week to keep the dust away and help the plant breathe well.

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