15 Spectacular Garden Path Ideas With Stepping Stones

15 Spectacular Garden Path Ideas With Stepping Stones

Have you ever thought that creating a garden path out of stepping stones is a way to truly create a look of your own? And in this article today, you will see 15 different ideas that can make your garden path really stand out than ever. Each of them is different, and different design ideas will appeal to each individual differently. Some will prefer a more simplistic path, but some will like the style of charming garden paths. Whatever you are looking for ideas, all of these designs here will make you satisfied.

All of the ideas below are simply exquisite. They are impressive paths that help to increase beauty many times and they can lead you to easily and comfortably tour your garden. No more dirt roads, or just growing weeds, it’s time to replace them with these great paths here. Let’s choose one and make it for your garden path right now!

#1 The Pebbled Path

This path is designed to resemble a paved path, but the feature that makes it look great in a garden is the small stones that were pressed into the cement before it dried. The beautiful bushes along the edge of the path make it a perfect width for a couple to walk hand in hand through the garden.

#2 Fairy Path

The garden path on this image is fairly small. The stones are placed far enough apart to reveal the grass, and there are yellow and white flowers all the way to the edge of the stone path. It looks like a beautiful path through a meadow that is full of butterflies, bumblebees.

#3 The Boardwalk Path

This first garden path is a narrow walkway that is lined with cement edging. The path winds between the reeds, and it has rectangular shaped stepping stones that are fairly centralized. Small pebbles are placed around the stepping stones to complete the path and give it a look that resembles a boardwalk.

#4 The Path of Chaotic Perfection

This garden is perfectly up kept. The bushes are trimmed and the grass is cut, but the stone path is a bit chaotic.

#5 Cobblestone Path

The stepping stones in this path are all square-shaped. The stones are spaced to allow the grass the opportunity to become part of the design.

#6 Lilly Pad Path

This pathway is simple, yet sweet. The main walkway is made of large stones that are inviting to step on, and smaller stones fit around the edges to make the path more symmetrical. The grass in the image is nicely trimmed.

#7 Log Lover’s Path

The logs are surrounded by small white stones that give the garden a playful path. The flowers that are placed along the edge of the path are perfect for the meadow-like feel that this idea creates.

#8 The Moonlit Path

The first thing that you will notice in this image is the fact that there are a lot of purple and white flowers surrounding the path. The stones are shaped with different patterns, and they are placed far enough apart that the grass can grow up into the path.

#9 Rose Colored Path

The stepping stones in this design are created from slate, which gives each one of them a unique shape that is not often repeated. Most of the flowers near the path are red, and they are trimmed to perfection.

#10 The Path of Perfect Symmetry

The next design idea that we are looking at is a rather simple layout. There are no flowers or bushes close to the path, only slightly unkempt grass that gives the perfectly positioned square stepping stones a bit of flavor.

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