15 Vegetables To Grow In Your No Dig Garden

Gone are the days when your garden demanded constant maintenance, frequent pruning, and regular application of pesticides or herbicides, and there’s no need for a rototiller either. What’s more, under your feet is an entire world of activity. These are great benefits of not digging in your garden. So, in the next time you are in your garden, think about a no-dig garden!

And here are the 15 Best Vegetables To Grow In Your No Dig Garden. Instead of buying supermarket to buy bundles of vegetables are no longer the only thing, you can totally create your own pretty small vegetable garden. That is the newest trend that is preferred by many people. It is not only the perfect place to relax but also provides tasty and organic vegetables to use at home. Also, most of them are easy to take care of and quite suitable for those who are beginners in gardening.

#1 Kale

Source: Homedepot

Kale is cold-hardy, and drought-tolerant vegetable, it also grows well in shady areas in the garden. To grow this veggie in your no-dig garden, you just need a small trowel and part the soil as much as it takes to slip the transplant in. Then, use your hands to put pressure on the ground and water regularly for the best start.

#2 Kohlrabi

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Kohlrabi is one of the most popular vegetables and is an easy-to-grow crop. The veggie is packed with high nutrients and rich in Vitamin C and B6 which are good for the immune system. All make Kohlrabi an excellent addition to your no-dig garden, and not only its tubers are edible, but the young, tender leaves also are too.

#3 Parsley

Source: Lovefood

Parsley grows easily! You just sow the seeds into the ground, cover up the base with mulch, and give a moderate watering amount, they will grow well the next time.

#4 Beans

Source: Masterclass

Beans are one of the most popular plants on the list. The grows well from seeds. You only take seeds and bury them in the soil, water often, after 7-14 days, you will watch them take off. Don’t forget to give them poles to train them as your desire, otherwise, they’ll be sprawling like a patch of pumpkins.

#5 Arugula

Source: Etsy

Arugula is an easy-to-grow green leaf vegetable as long as protects it from full sun and high heat. It has more flavor than lettuce. It is rich 5x more vitamin B5 than spinach and full of antioxidants. It will reward you with tender and young leaves, it keeps growing while you keep picking it.

#6 Winter Squashes

Source: Joegardener

Winter Squashes will benefit from mulch, just give the plant the placement of mulch a no-brainer right underneath the vine, and they will grow happily. You can harvest them in autumn or just before they reach full maturity.

#7 Summer Squashes

Source: Harvesttotable

Summer Squashes grow easily in a no-dig garden. You can plant summer squash in your raised bed in May, June, and July. The fruit of pumpkins and squash are very heavy, they can not support them on their own. So you will need some kind of bag like a shopping bag or old tights and pantyhose to provide them support on a trellis.

#8 Onions

Source: Savvygardening

Onions are also super easy to plant in a no-dig garden, they also don’t need for a greenhouse to grow during the cold season. They grow easily from sets and get spacing right.

#9 Garlic

Source: Theguardian

Like onions, garlic is quite easy to grow. Plant garlic at home instead of buying outside. It just needs shade to grow. Lots of gardeners plant garlic in the coldest of temperatures.

#10 Swiss Chard

Source: Bonnieplants

Swiss chard is easy to grow, and low-maintenance, so growing this green veggie in a no-dig garden is actually really simple. Also, it can be planted anywhere, even in pots because it doesn’t have deep roots. It is productive and shade-tolerant too. It provides a lot of nutrients like vitamins A and C, calcium, magnesium, iron, and potassium.

#11 Radishes

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Best planted in spring or at the end of summer because this vegetable really does not like the extreme heat of summer. To grow this vegetable, you just scratch the surface with a stick or trowel, lay out the seeds, and cover them back up with soil or compost. Then lightly bring the mulch back over the row. They are wonderful little garden gems because they mature fast, leaving you with plenty of room in the garden for a second crop.

#12 Tomatoes

Source: Harvesttotable

Tomatoes are sun-loving plants, they need at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight. Start growing tomatoes using seedlings in well-rich and well-drained soil. Growing tomatoes near peppers help to shade the soil and can offer the peppers some protection from the sun in the hottest parts of the day.

#13 Beets

Source: Goodhousekeeping

Beets are great to grow in a no-dig garden. To grow this crop, cover them with an even deeper layer much before the freezing temperatures hit. You can grow beets near peppers, this method will help fill in empty space in the garden and shade out weeds while helping to keep the soil moist.

#14 Carrot

Source: Cleangreensimple

Carrot and other root vegetables work well in your no-dig garden. You can easily pull it straight out of the soil, wipe it clean, and munch on straight away.

#15 Cabbage

Source: Gardenerspath

Cabbage is another vegetable that is easy to put in a no-dig garden. Planting cabbage in partial shade, and getting 6 hours of sunlight a day, will give the cabbage a chance to flourish in warmer temperatures. Cabbage can survive in a light frost, there are cultivars that can withstand temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

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