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16 Edible Ground Cover Plants

Do you know that there are some ground cover plants that are great for both delicious and decorative? Unlike grass, ground cover plants not only beautify your yard and reduce maintenance, but they can also be edible, even medicinal! And This list today, we’ve collected Edible Ground Cover Plants can pull double duty in your own space. They not only give a gentle and soft ground to walk on but also can spread the scent and massage your toes well. It sounds great, right? Read on to discover them!

A sprawling, green lawn might be a suburban landscaping classic, and these edible ground cover plants here are the great options to landscape your yard. Phase-out a grass lawn by adopting ground cover plants instead, and you can conserve water, spend less time behind a mower, and attract vital pollinators to your backyard. Plus, you have free foods for a long time because they are easy to grow. For these good reasons, it’s time to maximize the bare space in your garden to grow them!

#1 Creeping Thyme

Creeping thyme is aromatic and edible, and its oil can be used as an antiseptic. It is an excellent choice near pathways and between rock steps.

#2 Plantain (Plantago spp.)

Plantain can fill most of the walkways in your little garden with its tough, wide leaves. Young leaves add a bit of crunch and a spinach-like flavor to early spring salads.

#3 Chickweed

Chickweed has delicate flowers and lush leaves that can take over your yard. Its raw, young leaves are great for salads

#4 Garden Nasturtiums

Nasturtiums have delicious, edible flowers and seeds. You can use the flowers on top of salads or infuse them in vinegar.

#5 Virginia Strawberry

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Virginia strawberry is a perennial wild strawberry, it produces white flowers, followed by small, sweet fruit.

#6 Sweet Potato Vines

Sweet potatoes not only are delicious but also sweet potato vines make pretty and simple ground cover plants.

#7 Rock Cress

Rock cress is another edible and beautiful ground cover. Use the leaves and the flowers to replace watercress in tea sandwiches or pile them on crackers with chicken salad.

#8 Oregano

Oregano has a scent that makes a delicious, insect-deterring ground cover. Oregano looks gorgeous climbing along rocky hillsides in your yard. It is perfect for everything from homemade pizza sauce to Greek salad dressing or spiced lamb.

#9 Okinawa Spinach

Okinawa Spinach brings a dark, mysterious look to any yard as a ground cover. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, and is delicious in miso soups or sautéed in sesame oil with ginger and garlic.

#10 Lemon Thyme

Lemon Thyme will add a touch of lemon freshness to your thyme lawn. You can add it to the traditional whiskey, honey, and lemon cough syrup for heavy, mucousy coughs.

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