16 Plants with Unique Cut Foliage To Place Indoors

16 Plants with Unique Cut Foliage To Place Indoors

If you are finding ideas to change the look of the indoor space, especially when you are a plant-lover, you shouldn’t miss our article today. In this article today, we are so glad to introduce 16 plants with unique cut foliage that will attract every look for the first time and brighten up any space in your house! Whether you place them in the corner of the house, they also give that place the most beautiful.

They are so special, right? And their uniqueness makes their charm. Each has its own beauty, and you will have different exciting feelings when enjoying them. Adding them in your house, means you are bringing green life for everyone in the family. All of the members will have a chance to closer to plants so that love nature more. So, don’t hesitate, let’s grow them for your house.

#1 Monstera

The large glossy deep green leaves have a distinct cut and perforated, whereas the young foliage is small and uncut. You can grow monstera in water as well.

#2 Stained Glassworks Kiwi Fern

Kiwi fern shows off burgundy and plum narrow ruffled foliage with gold margins and fanciful cut. This variety can tolerate the sun very well.

#3 Fruit Salad Plant

This beautiful variety offers large variegated white-green leaves with prominent cuts. The contrasting shades of green with splashes of white are eye-catching!

#4 Xanadu

‘Xanadu’ is an evergreen compact shrub with glossy deep green attractive multi-lobed leaves. It prefers full sun to semi-shade.

#5 Krauss’ Spikemoss

Native to the Azores and eastern Africa, it has elliptical shiny green small leaves with a papery texture on red-brown stringy branched stems. It prefers bright shade and rich, acidic soil.

#6 Swiss Cheese Plant

The beautiful ornamental heart-shaped leaves are artistically pierced and have a vine-like tendency to climb if it finds support. It grows best in indirect light.

#7 Tree Philodendron

This beautiful Philodendron variety has dark green, glossy, large, and deeply lobed leaves. It grows well in bright indirect light.

#8 Snowflake Aralia

‘Snowflake Aralia’ has no side branches. The entire plant is crowned with long-stalked 1-2 feet wide deeply lobed, glossy green, and deeply cut leaves.

#9 Saw Palmetto Palm

The blue-green leaves of this palm have multiple fine cuts from the upper side. It performs well in bright indoor lights and very easy to maintain.

#10 Angelica

This shrub has a thick trunk and oval or rounded cut leaves with pointy edges. It is usually used to form bonsai. The plant can grow up to 2-3 feet.

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