17 Best Beautiful Cascading Succulents

If you are looking for some awesome low-maintenance plants that dangle down with style for any space in the house, you are in the right place. In the post today, we have some options that you can make a mini garden in your home. And here are the 17 best beautiful cascading succulents that can add charm to both your home and garden. Check them out with us.

Taking them a look, they are so beautiful. Each has its own beauty, and of course, you will have more choices that are suitable for your favorite. They are easy to grow as well as take care of. Like other indoor plants, they can adapt to all conditions, even they still thrive in your oblivion. Save and grow some for your house!

#1 Wax Ivy

This charming cascading plant features succulent stems and waxy ivy-like leaves. It offers attractive foliage and also grows daisy-like pale yellow flowers.

#2 Donkey’s Tail

One of the most beautiful trailing succulent, this sedum variety features pendant stems and short, light green foliage that trails beautifully on the edges of hanging baskets.

#3 Dwarf Snake Plant

This beautiful hanging succulent grows as an upright plant that turns later in a cascading succulent with bright green lance-shaped leaves. It also offers small pink-white flowers.

#4 Strings of Beads

The plant offers a bright green elongated and raindrop-shaped foliage. It flowers during spring and produces small, white brush-like blooms.

#5 Little Pickles

This creeping succulent belongs to the daisy family and offers purple trailing stems with green leaves. Give it enough sunlight, and it will grow yellow flowers.

#6 Trailing Elephant Bush

This strikingly pretty succulent is distinguished by maroon or dark green stems covered with round, fleshy foliage that cascades beautifully over the rims of baskets.

#7 Strings of Bananas

Also known as ‘fish hooks,’ this tough and easy to care plant has succulent leaves in the shape of a banana or fish hooks. It grows fast and looks best in hanging planters.

#8 Turquoise Jade Vine

This attractive colorful vine is admired for its striking shade. The plant also grows dangling clumps of blue-green and claw-shaped flowers.

#9 Strings of Turtles

A slow-growing succulent vine, the plant has a beautiful set of fleshy button-like foliage patterned in white veins that looks-like tiny balloons filled with water.

#10 Strings of Dolphins

Like the name, this Senecio variety features leaves in the shape of dolphins. The trailing foliage looks best on hanging from the cool pots in filtered sunlight.

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