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17 DIY Orchid Planter Ideas

17 DIY Orchid Planter Ideas

Looking for ideas to showcase the beauty of the orchid flower in different styles, these ideas today will help. Here is the list of 17 DIY Orchid Planter Ideas that you can get inspired from and they are really easy to copy. These ideas today not only give you more space to grow your favorite orchids but also turn your boring living space into more interesting.

These DIY planters are inexpensive and are nice to look at. From upcycling older items to choosing these practical and dramatic decorations such as using clay pots, wine crocks, or coconut shells, and more. And then transform them into your own planters with a little effort and your free time. All of them are collected here for you, keep reading to choose some and give them a try.

#1 Flower Vase Planter

Source: Pinterest

#2 Wooden Box Planter

Source: Gardena

#3 Concrete Orchid Planter

Source: Pinterest

#4 Hanging Basket Planter

Source: Bhg

#5 Clay Pot Planter

Source: Gardenerspath

#6 Hanging Orchid

Source: Misssmartyplants

#7 DIY Wine Crock Planter

Source: Justaddiceorchids

#8 Upside Down Orchid Planters

Source: Theblackpug

#9 Orchid Terrarium Planter

Source: Flickr

#10 Grow Orchid In Moss

Source: Balconygardenweb

#11 Coconut Shell Planter

Source: Postmundial

#12 Bamboo Planter

Source: Hotmart

#13 Glass Planter

Source: Mein-schoener-garten

#14 Log Planter

Source: Orchidsmadeeasy

#15 Metal Item Planter

Source: Annie

#16 Grow Orchid In Large Glass Bowl

Source: Quatresaisonsaujardin

#17 Grow Orchid In Container

Source: Thecreativityexchange

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