18 Beautiful Climbing Plants For Your Pergola

A stunning pergola means a lot for your home. It adds more charm to your garden. Provided with some chairs or a bench, with a coffee table alongside, the pergola becomes a perfect place to relax and hang out with friends and family. Your kids will also love playing here. If I have a raised pergola, I will hang string lights all over to have dinner out here. Regarding to the gardening, vine plants require a pergola for their best growth.

Here are 18 beautiful climbing plants for your pergola I would like to share you guys. If you want to innovate your garden with an impressive, affordable structure, just consider these. Imagine that how great it would be when you stay in the pergola and drink a glass of good wine at Friday night. Life would be more enjoyable then, right? As these projects require some skills, just hire the landscapers to do the work. Let’s check them out!

#1 Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea has different species that are suited for pergolas. It is the best vine plant for shade and it is resistant to diseases and free to pests. This plant can spread thoroughly even when you plant it in the small pot.

This plant is sensitive to extreme cold weather conditions or excess rainfall. They bloom in different colors plant flowers and the best season to grow this plant for North America is spring or fall.

#2 Blue Moon Wisteria

Wisteria plants come in blue, purple and white. Blue moon wisteria blooms beautifully in the spring season and grows up to 4 to 8 feet and reaches to 15 to 25 inches tall. This plant appreciates sunlight for its healthy growth and produces flowers in the third year after planting.

#3 Honeysuckle

There are about 180 varieties of honeysuckle and most of them are creepers. It offers a fragrance that is nostalgic and multiples when duck sets in. This large vine grows very fast and one single plant can easily cover a big sturdy pergola in a short span of time.

#4 Butterfly Pea

Butterfly pea is one of the most beautiful plants for your pergola. This climbing plant produces beautiful blue flowers that are food for butterflies. It can be grown best in zone 10 and 11 with afternoon sun. It is a legume and both its flowers and seed pods are edible.

#5 Bleeding Heart

Bleeding heart is a perfect climbing plant to create shade for your place. It features exotic flowers that are in the shape of a heart a. This plant needs moist soil with partial sun to grow healthy. It is suitable for colder temperatures and can easily be grown in zone 3-9.

#6 Rose

Climbing rose is one of the most classic yet charming plants for pergolas and arbors. It brings a feeling of being special, tranquility, nostalgia, romance, and happiness.

#7 Clematis

Clematis is definitely worth introducing here. It’s a spectacular vine that blooms abundantly, flowering usually starts from spring. You can grow it easily on it own or combine with other plants, especially with climbing roses.

#8 Jasmine

I just fall in love with little white blossoms of jasmine and their fragrance. They add the breeze of purity and elegance to the pergola. Sitting down here and sip a cup of good tea at weekend would be perfect.

#9 Zephirine Drouhin Rose

Zephyrine Drouhin roses are one of the most charming climbing roses. They don’t have thorns but have beautiful alluring color. Their canes are so flexible, easily wrapped around pergolas. They grow up to 15 inches tall and don’t need much sunlight and easily blossom well in shades.

#10 Lavender Trumpet Vine

The lavender trumpet vine features beautiful violet flowers which are about 3 inches from march to May in panicles.  This plant grows well with full or partial sun and fertile soil.

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