18 Companion Plants with Cabbage To Promote Growth

18 Companion Plants with Cabbage To Promote Growth

Do you know that growing companion plants in the same garden will bring many benefits? Maximizing garden space, attracting beneficial insects and pollinators, luring insect pests away from other food crops, providing shade or a wind barrier to other plants, covering the surface of the soil with edible plants to crowd out weeds, or even helping boost the growth, flavor, or yields of food crops. This is a wide range of great things when you choose companion plants for your garden.

In this post today, we will share 18 Companion Plants with Cabbage to Promote Growth. If you want to grow a fresh and organic vegetable garden, companion planting can help to increase the yields and quality of your crop. Thus, you can make your growing experience even better with companion plants as they directly benefit your yield, and you also get to harvest them as well!

#1 Beans

When beans are planted nearby members of the cabbage family can provide shade from the heat of the sun. This results in less stress and higher disease resistance for your cabbages.

#2 Beets

How to Plant and Grow Beets

Beets contribute essential minerals to the soil that can be taken up by cabbages slowly throughout the growing season.

#3 Buckwheat

Buckwheat is often used as green manure or cover crop. Buckwheat deserves a special place in your garden as an insect and bee attraction. It attracts several beneficial insects, including parasitic wasps that have the potential to kill cabbage worms.

#4 Celery

Celery is planted nearby members of the cabbage family, it can help to repel damaging insects, making it far easier for you to practice organic farming. Forming a symbiotic relationship, the cabbage plays its part by creating a natural windbreak for the young, and often fragile celery.

#5 Onions

Onions naturally repel many pests that attack cabbages.

#6 Peas

This companion relationship may be a more neutral one, but the garden needs several of those filler options too.

#7 Potatoes

Cabbage, corn, and beans can all be planted together, in combination with potatoes to benefit their growth and improve their flavor.

#8 Borage

Borage is a stupendous plant to have in the garden. It works side-by-side your cabbages to repel both cabbage worms, and tomato worms, as it attracts beneficial insects.

#9 Chamomile

Planting chamomile near cabbages can repel cabbage moths. Prevention, rather than spraying, is the best remedy any day.

#10 Coriander/cilantro

Besides repelling certain cabbage-loving insects, coriander also grows well with mint, basil, tansy, and yarrow.

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