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18 Different Types Of Basil For Cooking And Medicinal

#11 Holy Basil

This basil has the leaves splashed with purple and green give this plant an appealing look. It is used in tea or chai that will boost your immune system. Grow it in a sunny spot. It tolerates drought and poor soil. However, for optimum growth, water regularly, and use light and well-drained soil.

#12 Cardinal Basil

The noticeable feature of cardinal basil is its striking red flowers and spicy scent so it earns a well-deserved position in the ornamental gardens. It looks like celosia but still, you can use it in your kitchen in recipes. Maintain moisture in the soil during the growing season. It prefers a warm climate and becomes a beautiful container plant.

#13 Green Ruffles

The ruffled and fringed leaves of this basil are very engaging. It bears spikes of large purple flowers, which make it well suited as the border plant. It can be used in salads, noodles, and pasta because of the mild flavor. It can tolerate a bit shady spot but still need part sun. Water persistently and mulch around the base so that soil retains moisture.

#14 Greek Basil

It’s a small bushy variety of basil that is native to Southeast Asia, growing only up to 8 inches. The leaves are pointed and can be used in garnishes, salads, meat dishes or soups, and tomato dishes.
Exposure to direct sun or fluorescent light is necessary for optimum growth. During the dry spells keep the plant well-watered. In hot climates, keep it in part sun.

#15 Pistou Basil

Although small, its evenly shaped leaves are still packed with flavor and are perfect for garnishing dishes. Water moderately to keep the soil evenly moist. To encourage branching, pinch terminal shoots.

#16 Spicy Saber (Serrata)

As the name suggests, this basil is bestowed with serrated leaves which are saber-like and ornamental. Sow the seeds indoors and transplant after the passage of frost or sow directly in the garden when the temperature is warm enough. Provide plenty of light and water.

#17 African Blue Basil

It grows up to four feet tall and has a fragrant, spicy aroma that wafts in the wet wind. Propagate it from cuttings. Remove dead stems and foliage and debris after the growing season. Beware of aphids, flea beetles, Japanese beetles, snails, and slugs.

#18 Spicy Bush Basil

This is a compact variety of basil that grows in a bushy form as the name suggests. The leaves are intensely flavored, which its addition makes the soups and sauces more flavorful. Plant in a good quality well-draining soil. It also needs plenty of sunlight to thrive.

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