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18 DIY Bicycle Ideas For Your Garden

Do you want to turn your old bicycle into something special to change the look of your garden? Don’t toss out your unused old bicycle around, there are new missions waiting for them ahead. In the post today, we will give you interesting recommendations. All of them are so attractive and unique! Just need a little creativity and meticulousness, everything is simple that will be great. Check them out.

There are many designs created by old bicycles and are varieties in shape, color, of course, you’re sure to find a design that piques your interest. From bicycle planters filled with your favorite flowers to water features, all are ready to become a part of your garden. We hope you’ll be inspired to upcycle your old bicycle! Checking them out with us!

#1 Hanging Bicycle Wheel Swing

Source: Ababy

#2 Bicycle Garden Fence

Source: Makezine

#3 Bike Gate

Source: Flickr

#4 Bicycle Mailbox

Source: Pinimg

#5 Bicycle Garden Support

Source: Justimagine-ddoc

#6 Inviting Garden Idea

Source: Tumblr

#7 Upcycled Bicycle Wheel Wreath

Source: Simplychictreasures

#8 Bicycle Garden Sign

Source: Granny54.tumblr

#9 Cottage Garden

Source: Dishfunctionaldesigns

#10 Bicycle Wheel Chandelier With Mason Jars And Candles

Source: Revistaartesanato

#11 Bicycle Wheel Garden Art

Source: Ali Martinez

#12 Garden Lights

Source: Pinterest

#13 Hanging Basket With The Bike Still Attached

Source: Flickr

#14 Romantic Bicycle Wedding

Source: Nely-bluehortensia

#15 Bicycle Flower Stand

Source: Farmfoodfamily

#16 Bicycle Planter

Source: Thegardeningcook

#17 Vintage Bicycle Side Tall Tree

Source: Ginghamgardens

#18 Bike Wheel Arbor

Source: Farmfoodfamily

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