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18 DIY Old Door Projects In The Garden

Your doors will be getting leaky and creaky by the time, of course, you will have to replace them with new ones. What about those old doors? Throwing them? Don’t do that because it is a waste. Saving them and there are many easy and creative DIY projects waiting for you ahead. And here is the list of 18 DIY Old Door Projects In The Garden that will enhance your backyard and garden. Just with your little creativity and handiwork, doors can be transformed into decorative, functional pieces to your green space.

Whether you like the rustic or painted, there are plenty of ways to use them as structures and art. Maybe they are a mini house to store garden tools or a bench to seat, or let lean it against a fence or wall then hung planter for an extra touch of blooming freshness in the garden. Even if you have more, you can make them into privacy screens and building them into the garden fence itself. Whatever you choose any style from rustic, elegant, or vintage, they are here and will bring a sense of rustic charm to your outdoor spaces.

#1. Old Door Garden Storage

Image source: myrollinghillsfarm

#2. Old Door Garden Bench

Image source: Countryliving

#3. Old Door Make A Focal Point For Brick Wall

Image source: Gardenholic

#4. Old Door Planter Shelf

Image source: Etsy

#5. Standing Old Door For Hanging Herb Pots

Image source: Etsy

#6. Old Door Hanging On Wooden Fence

Image source: Farmfoodfamily

#7. Standing White Door with Colorful Blooming Flower Box

Image source: Theartinlife

#8. Kitchen Herb Garden

Image source: Infarrantlycreative

#9. Rustic Old Door With Twig Wreath

Image source: Organizedclutter

#10. Colorful Garden Gate With Family Name

Image source: Acultivatednest

#11. Old Door Garden Gate

Image source: Flickr

#12. Old Door Backdrop

Image source: Flickr

#13. Outstand Pink Door For Old Wooden Fence

Image source: Thegardenglove

#14. An Old Door For To Storage Garden Tools

Image source: Etsy

#15. Old Doors For A Garden Nook

Image source: Cynthiabanessa

#16. Old Door Privacy Fence

Image source: Redouxinteriors

#17. Graceful Garden Corner with Old White Doors

Image source: Tovestoogfirbeinte.blogspot

#18. Old Door Dining Tables

Image source: Thehandmadehome

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