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18 DIY Repurposed Garden Seats

After finishing your gardening work, it is the time you need a special outdoor spot to kick back and relax. The 18 DIY Repurposed Garden Seats will bring you a simple seat to say “hi” to the perfect place to ponder or entertain outdoors. These easy DIY garden benches, sofas, and chairs come together with unexpected materials that you will be amazed by. From old pallets, tree stumps, gallon buckets, and more, they can become free garden seats and also add an eye-catching addition to your lawn.

Some of these styles are traditional patio furniture while others invoke the feeling of a public park bench, while still others are works of art. Whether you try doing any ideas, they also can become tiny sanctuaries for you to enjoy all time of the year. After reading this article, we hope you can find the ones to fit your taste. Check out them and create a relaxing environment for your outdoor space.

#1 A Garden Seat Made Out Of A Metal Bed Frame and Recycled Wood

Source: Janet Neal

#2 Bucket Garden Seat

Source: Personalcreations

#3 Gabion Garden Seat

Source: Gabion1

#4 Old Tire Garden Seat

Source: Thisnzlife

#5 DIY Garden Seat Made From Flower Pot

Source: Favecrafts

#6 Pallet Sofa

Source: Pinterest

#7 Old Chair Garden Bench

Source: Bloglovin

#8 Wine Barrel Garden Bench

Source: Etsy

#9 DIY Cement Garden Seat

Source: Tumblr

#10 Upcycled Lawn Chair Made From An Old Chair And A Garden Hose

Source: Karolannnorris.blogspot

#11 Cement Block Couch Planter

Source: Cindy Schroeder

#12 Simple Garden Seat

Source: Tumblr

#13 Old Brick Garden Seat

Source: Plantcaretoday

#14 Garden Chair Made From Old Broken Chair And Stump

Source: Flickr

#15 Wood Log Garden Seat

Source: Etsy

#16 Another Cinder Block Garden Seat

Source: Emily Wolff

#17 DIY Upcycled Bench Planter

Source: Cottagelife

#18 A Simple Branch Chair

Source: Primainspirace

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