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18 Great DIY Garden Ideas

Do you want to make your garden look greater? Look no further, you are in the right place to get inspiration. In this post today, we are so glad to share 18 Great DIY garden ideas that will turn your garden into heaven that you absolutely love. They are easy, fast, and cheap ideas to make at home. All of these ideas are very practical and do not require so much effort or money. Check them out with us.

If you love creativity, these are the way to start. Instead of putting them in the trash, you can turn them into interesting items in a flash, or renew them into useful objects to decorate your garden. Each has a different beauty, and of course, they will give you an interesting experience. With these ideas, the small spaces in your garden are wasted empty, now they can be replaced with these unique ideas into a wonderful environment filled with character and color. Start now!!!

#1 Everlasting Faux Alliums

Make a few of these faux allium flowers with chicken wire and paint to create these everlasting alliums.

#2 DIY Crate Shelves

It’s a new trend, recycling the objects! Wooden crates can be repainted and turned into beautiful and natural shelves. It’s easy and an inexpensive idea.

#3 Vintage Bed Frame Planter

Use metal bed frames, old furniture, and chairs to make planters out of them.

#4 DIY Pallet Garden Table

Make this cheap and excellent garden table from pallets.

#5 PVC Plant Tower

Another way to decorate the garden is using old PVC pipes. To do this, first, make the holes so that you can insert the plants, cover the base of the pipe so that the soil will not fall and then plant the plants.

#6 Recycle Old Stuff To Make Planters

Recycle old stuff that you have at home, look at this idea– planters made from old washtubs.

#7 Spilled Flower Pot From Broken Pots

A spilled flower pot is a gorgeous idea that you can follow. Create an astonishing cascading appearance from flowers. For this, all you need is a pot and a few ground cover plants.

#8 Flowerpot Tower Planter and Birdfeeder

Brilliant idea! Have some terracotta pots? Employ them to make a flower pot tower planter, also, add a feeder at the top.

#9 Reuse Old Doors

Give an unusual touch to an old door, attach a planter or a window box and grow some colorful annuals in it. Either keep it the same or paint bright colors on it.

#10 A Birdcage Planter

Grow flowers or some decorative foliage plants in a birdcage and hang it in the visible spot. It will become a focal point.

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