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19 Delightful Plant Shelves Ideas For Decorating Indoor

19 Delightful Plant Shelves Ideas For Decorating Indoor

Your plant shelves are too old, they look so boring! You want to change them to add a bit of versatility and charm to your indoor, right? Look no further, you will find great ideas here. And this is a collection of 19 delightful plant shelf ideas for decorating indoor that you can take inspiration from! Keep reading them with us!

The ideas here are quite simple, but that simplicity creates a very unique beauty for your home. They can be made from pallets with a familiar shape but looks very elegant and gentle. If you are a skillful person and love creating handmade, some of these ideas will be your inspiration this weekend. Do you love these ideas? Try making a few for your home.

#1 Kitchen Plant Shelf

A plant shelf like this in a kitchen will allow you to grow herbs near a bright window.

#2 Aesthetic Plants on Shelf

Grow compact and vining plants on the shelf for that aesthetic look.

#3 Cut flowers, Succulents, and a Wreath

Display cut flowers in vases and small succulents in pots on a shelf with a wreath on the wall.

#4 Wooden Plant Shelf

A tall wooden plant shelf as a backdrop with a couch in front will look mesmerizing.

#5 Plant Shelf as a Backdrop

An indoor wooden plant shelf is best to fill up an empty corner.

#6 Indoor Plant Shelf

Grow vining plants in metal or tin pots and place them inside hanging wooden boxes.

#7 Metal Planters in Wooden Hanging Boxes

This minimalistic hanging shelf is great for both office files and pots.

#8 Office Planter

A pair of shelves right above your working desk will bring in nature vibes with plants.

#9 Home Desk with Shelf

A pair of shelves right above your working desk will bring in nature vibes with plants.

#10 Triangle Shaped Shelves in Bedroom

Two mini triangle shaped shelves with side ones is a great way to put potted plants in bedrooms.

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