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20 Beautiful Balcony Garden Ideas With String Lights

To enjoy the cool and fresh outdoor air, we bring you some of the most fabulous Balcony Garden Ideas with String Lights for all days of the year. Whether the space of your balcony is large or small, a good balcony with the greenery of vegetables, herbs, flowers, plants, will bring great things that you want to enjoy all time. There is nothing better than relaxing in a green space with comfortable seats, then reading a good book or taking a nap under the shade of plants along with fresh air and warm sunlight, right?

With the help of string lights, you also can enjoy the nighttime atmosphere. Some of the following ideas are quite easy to decorate your balcony more beautiful and attractive by adding lighting. They just are normal bulbs but they will turn your balcony garden into a perfect place whether it is day or night. Keep reading and get inspired!

#1 Balcony With Flower Pots And String Lights

Source: Mujerde10

#2 A Warm Balcony With Yellow Lights

Source: Furnishhim

#3 Vines Plants With String Lights

Source: Officesaigon

#4 Balcony Herb Garden With String Light

Source: Dreieckchen

#5 String Lights For Black Wooden Head And Lovely Flower Pots

Source: Inmyroom

#6 Romantic Balcony With String Lights and Potted Plants

Source: Couchstyle

#7 Modern Balcony With String Lights And Plants

Source: Happygreylucky

#8 Cozy And Cute Balcony With Herbs, Flowers And String Lights

Source: Tmblr

#9 A Simple Beauty With String Lights, Candles, and Plants

Source: Reddit

#10 String Lights With Plants For Railing

Source: Laurages

#11String Light Curtain With Potted Plants

Source: Pinterest

#12 String Light Line With Flowers And Other Plants

Source: Elcune

#13 Green Plants With String Lights For Modern Balcony Design

Source: Inspiredbythis

#14 String Light Trees With Plant Baskets

Source: Tdycorners

#15 String Lights And Green Plants

Source: Couchstyle

#16 Climbing Plants With Candle And String Lights

Source: Thespruce

#17 Hanging Plant Basket With String Lights

Source: Couchstyle

#18 String Lights With Potted Plants And Vegetables

Source: Sooshell

#19 Balcony With String Lights, Flowers and Wooden Furnitures

Source: Gartenarbeit

#20 Balcony With Pallet Furnitures, String Lights, And A Plant Stand

Source: Amirandaleks

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