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20 Clever DIY Bicycle Wheel Home Decor Ideas

Have you ever thought that rusty bicycle wheels also can become spectacular new items for your home? The post today has great ideas to help you can turn this rusty piece of junk into cool and very practical things for the indoors and outdoors. Of course, certainly, these ideas also give your bicycle wheel a makeover and a new purpose instead of letting them become a waste to send it to the junkyard.

Just need a little bit of effort and a short of time, you can create a unique design to decorate your home more impressive. Select whatever you love, maybe they are chandeliers, clocks, wall arts, outdoor signs, and more. Creation is unlimited and will never be bored with the 20 Clever DIY Bicycle Wheel Home Decor Ideas. They will give an immense boost to your DIY home decor with a touch of awesomeness. Thus, if you have a bicycle getting rusted in your storehouse now, you know what to do with its wheels. Save them and make your own versions!

#1 Bicycle Wheel Wreath

Source: Tammy Burdette Designs

#2 Lovely Bicycle Wheel With Sting Lights

Source: PInterest

#3 Wonderful Christmas Decorations Made of Bicycle Wheel

Source: Welovecycling

#4 Wheel Photo Holder

Source: Demi van der Linden

#5 Bicycle Wheel Fairy Light

Source: Inge Lacante

#6 Bicycle Wheel Wall Art

Source: Petagadget

#7 Faux Bicycle Wheel Wall Clock

Source: Wayfair

#8 hanging Bicycle Wheel With Potted Plant

Source: Stylowi

#9 Hanging Bicycle Wheel With Faux Vine Plant And String Light

Source: Cristalito FiguErez

#10 Outdoor Decoration

Source: Tumblr

#11 Bicycle Wheel With Dried Flowers For Wall Decor

Source: Ella En Marjan Schippers

#12 Bicycle Wheel Wonderfulness

Source: Hometalk

#13 Bicycle Wheel Fairy Lights

Source: Wedmegood

#14 Bicycle Wheel Faux Flowers

Source: Stowandtellu

#15 Bicycle Wheel Table

Source: Revistaartesanato

#16 Bicycle Wheel Sign

Source: Elegantweddinginvites

#17 Bicycle Wheel Shelf

Source: Kirklands

#18 Bicycle Wheel Floor Lamp

Source: Woodyourecycle

#19 Bicycle Wheel Chandeliers

Source: Asunnot.oikotie

#20 DIY Bicycle Wheel Yard Art

Source: Hometalk

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