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20 Cool Projects That You Can Make From Old Tree Stumps

Instead of removing your old stumps, there are lots of projects that you can do with them, so put them to work for you! Thanks to their natural texture, old tree stumps are great materials to reuse for free and useful. So, if you have one or some old tree stumps, it’s time to try making the 20 Cool Projects That You Can Make From Old Tree Stumps.

Many gardeners consider old tree stumps that are the stubborn leftovers of a yard renovation, making them get a bad rap for being difficult to remove and even becoming an eyesore. But, lots of house owners who are broken their hearts when their beloved tree became sick and died, and they want to keep the good memories by repurposing the leftover tree stump. Whatever the reason, there’s sure to be something on this list that sparks creativity in you. You can create visual interest and uniqueness in your outdoor spaces by re-purposing old stumps.

#1 Turned Our Tree Stump Into A Gnome Home

Source: Carol Schumacher

#2 Raised Garden Beds For Kids

Source: Marieclaire

#3 Cuttest Plant Stand

Source: Satu Proskin

#4 A Wooden Man

Source: Pinterest

#5 Ornamental Scarecrows

Source: Forestcrafts

#6 A Front Bench

Source: Thankfifi

#7 Hardy-Working Ducks

Source: Tumblr

#8 Chalk Street Art

Source: Pinterest

#9  Wine Storage for Outdoor Party

Source: Essexandsuffolkcarpenter

#10 Reindeer Wood Craft

Source: Lilcynth

#11 Wood Slice Snowman Christmas Decor

Source: Etsy

#12 Tree Stump Cabinet

Source: Naugrin

#13 DIY Raised Flower Bed

Source: Pinterest

#14 Climbing Wall Play Set

Source: Agreenhand

#15 Mosaic Tree Stump Garden Art

Source: Pinterest

#16 Bird Bath

Source: Pinterest

#17 Lighted Path

Source: Yardandgarage

#18 Stump Planters

Source: Tarnishedroyalty

#19  A Big Mushroom

Source: Abby Wohlford

#20 A Succulent Planter

Source: Pinterest

#21 Tree Carving

Source: Robbeckinsale

#22 DIY Birdfeeder

Source: Lushome

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