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20 Creative Garden Ideas Made From Wire

There are many things you can do in your garden to further enjoy and admire it. Sometimes growing the plants in the season is enough, but some creative lovers will definitely want more. With a little creativity and Wire materials from around the house, you can brighten your garden with these nifty DIYs or cute crafts. Take inspiration from these creative wire ideas for the garden to turn your dull outdoor space into a more appealing spot.

No need to use your skill level as some are so easy that anyone can make them in an afternoon, but others require a little more time and skill. From ornaments and jewelry to wall art and light shades, they will add a little texture and whimsy to create a dynamic atmosphere to your garden that you love enjoying! If you love creativity and DIY projects, you shouldn’t ignore them.

#1 DIY Garden Trellis

Source: Pinterest

#2 Heart Shaped Frame for Plant

Source: Angie Carruthers

#3 Unique Hat

Source: Tumblr

#4 DIY Chicken Wire Garden Bag

Source: Theshabbytree

#5 Tree Drops

Source: Johanna Langezaal

#6 Wire Cloche Pest Barrier

Source: Hometalk

#7 Chicken Wire Lily

Source: Chicken-wire

#8 Create Pocket Wall Planter

Source: Makezine

#9 Faux Allium

Source: Forums2.gardenweb

#10 Hanging Vertical Gutter Planter

Source: Pinterest

#11 A Small Vertical Garden

Source: Decorhomeideas

#12 Make A Gabion Plant Stand

Source: Bhg

#13 Chicken Wire Crop Coop Plant Protector

Source: Gardeners

#14 Build Raised Garden Bed

Source: Pinterest

#15 Chicken Food Fence

Source: Sustainablescientist

#16 A Raised Garden Bed With Trellis

Source: Savvygardening

#17 A DIY Wire Trellis on a Wall

Source: Huntandhost

#18 Barbed Wire Heart Vine

Source: Pinterest

#19 English Ivy House

Source: Pinterest

#20 Hanging A Birdbath

Source: Bhg

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