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20 Creative Indoor Vertical Garden Decoration Ideas

You don’t have a large garden, but you love planting. It is not a problem here! What do you think about owning a beautiful garden at right your house? It will be great, right? And in this post today, we are so glad to share 20 creative indoor vertical garden decoration ideas that you will feel the happy moment when closed with plants, with nature.

As you know, whether it’s winter or summer, all of us need a green space that makes our spirit more relaxed. You will see the sprouting for the seedlings in the spring, or when summer comes, you will enjoy the freshness that plants bring. Therefore, the presence of plants is indispensable in our life. Vertical gardening is one of the best solution as well as the current trends that is loved by many people, especially for those who live in apartments. So, don’t hesitate, let’s make some ideas for your house with us. They are for you!

#1 Indoor Metal Frame

Construct a metal black frame on the wall with sections to fit different wooden planters.

#2 Ikea Ladder Plant Stand

Ikea’s satsuma plant stand is a perfect solution to grow your plants without a lot of space.

#3 Wooden Shelves for Pots

Convert a corner of your room to a plant wall by keeping pots on wooden shelves.

#4 A Plant Showcase

A minimalistic wooden frame on a home workspace wall will be a great place to showcase your favorite houseplants!

#5 Wooden Plant Hanger on Balcony

A tall wooden frame on a balcony’s wall is a great way to save space and grow plants.

#6 Hanging Indoor Plants

Use the limited space wisely in rooms by making a hanging plant holder.

#7 An Artistic Plant Hanger

A modern way to decorate your ladder.

#8 A Metal Frame for Climbing Indoor Vines

A metal box frame and a wooden ladder will offer a perfect solution to grow indoor vines.

#9 Pothos on a Wooden Ladder

Rest a wooden ladder on any open space on the wall to grow vining plants like pothos.

#10 Plastic Hanging Planters

These smart plastic planters are lightweight and can be used to grow plants together.

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