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20 DIY Bug Hotel Ideas For Your Garden

Looking for ways to attract beneficial insects to come to live and visit regularly to boost the pollination process in your crops and flowers. Go to build bug hotel ideas today! These are friendly ideas to encourage bees and other pollinators to make your garden their home. Building bug hotel habitats will bring obvious benefits to plants and to pollinator populations in general, but they also look really cool!

Here is the collection of 20 DIY Bee House Ideas For Your Garden from tiny simplicity to the grandiose luxury you can easily make with normal materials. From wood drilled with holes, hollow bamboo stalks, mosses, and more. A bee hotel can contain a huge variety of materials, or just a few, and can be large and elaborate or small and simple. So, you can complete them in the span of a single afternoon with minimal effort. Besides, you also tend your children to the interesting things around life with these easy and simple bug hotel ideas.

#1 Cinder Block Bee House

Source: Homemadeheather

#2 Old Juice Glass Bee House

Source: Refreshliving

#3 Sculpture Garden With Insect Hotels

Source: Green English

#4 Bee House Made From Old Roof

Source: Pinterest

#5 Wood Bee Hotel

Source: Harrogate

#6 Bug Box

Source: Pinterest

#7 Plastic Milk Jug Hotel

Source: redtedart

#8 Hanging Plastic Bottle Bee House

Source: 2pawsdesigns

#9 Old Wood Slice Insect Hotel

Source: Karinsnatureblog

#10 Wooden CD Crate Bee House

Source: Firefliesandmudpies

#11 Plastic Bottle With Pine Cone Insect Hotel

Source: Instagram

#12 Wood And Branch Bee House

Source: Reluctantlymeatfree

#13 Tin Can Bee Hotel

Source: Etsy

#14 Mason Bee House Pvc Pipe

Source: Justiowahoney

#15 Teacup Bee Hotel

Source: Bakerross

#16 Clay Pot Bee House

Source: Offgridworld

#17 Vintage Terracotta Pipes Bee House

Source: Landetkrokus

#18 Wine Cork Bee Hotel

Source: Prettydesigns

#19 Homemade Bug Hotel Garden Craft

Source: Periodliving

#20 Brick Bug Hotels

Source: Muddypuddles

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