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20 DIY Halloween Wreath Ideas

Check out the collection of 20 DIY Halloween Wreath Ideas below to get inspired to upgrade your front door for October 31. These ideas will create a good first impression to welcome your family members and the droves of trick-or-treaters. They are fun, cute, spooky, and sweet options. Each has a unique “wow” factor, whether it be scary or cute, it’s time to make your door the talk of the town with one of these easy DIY Halloween wreath ideas.

Some are easy to make, even some are made out of free material such as papers, branches, old frames, and more. Others are available that you can buy easily, and then you can make them to your taste, from wreaths laden with black crows and witch silhouettes, skull-shaped wreaths, and plenty of other eerie options. All are collected here for you and are too scared to knock! Scroll down and choose some to make, don’t forget share to them with your friends to make together.

#1 Paper Halloween Wreath

Source: Gwenmossblog.blogspot

#2 Orange And Black Moon Wreath

Source: Reddit

#3 Simple Old Picture Frame Halloween Wreath

Source: 4onemore

#4 DIY Halloween Candy Door Wreath

Source: Cherishedbliss

#5 Black Old Frame Wreath

Source: Hubpages

#6 Black Raven Wreath

Source: Thegreenhead

#7 A Skeleton Sits Inside A Twig Wreath

Source: Scrapality

#8 Cool Spooky Halloween Wreath

Source: Crazy-wonderful

#9 Halloween Skull Wreath

Source: Etsy

#10 Halloween Wreath Spider

Source: Pinterest

#11 Hand It to Mummy

Source: Bowerpowerblog

#12 Eye Ball Wreath

Source: Madewithhappy

#13 A Black Grapevine Wreath

Source: Onecreativemommy

#14 Easy Rag Wreath

Source: Houseofhawthornes

#15 Witches Hat Wreath

Source: Debbie-debbiedoos

#16 Upcycled Halloween Wreath By Twit Chetts

Source: Residencestyle

#17 DIY Halloween Clothespin Wreath

Source: Pinterest

#18 Easy DIY Halloween Wreath with Spiderwebs

Source: Modern-glam

#19 DIY Spooky Halloween Wreath

Source: Oliveandjunehome

#20 Rustic Twig Halloween Wreath

Source: Pinterest

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