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20 DIY Hanging Light Projects For Home And Garden

No matter what outdoors or indoors, your living space will be dreamy when adding some lights, they can turn your home and garden into a cozy oasis year-round. Here is the collection of the best 20 DIY Hanging Light Projects For Your Home And Garden that you can make easily. You also use them to decorate for occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or party lights.

From bulbs, string lights, and candles to old items around your home such as empty bottles, mason jars, or tin cans, all are unique and have their own distinct charm. They promise to transform your boring space into a perfect place whether it is day or night. They are simple, classy, and rustic, we have collected the best ideas so that they are easy for you to pick up and try your hands on as well as get them matched with your decor style.

#1 Watering Can Decor With Lights

Source: Gardeners

#2 Hanging Mason Jars For Porch

Source: Apracticalwedding

#3 Hanging Wine Bottles With String Lights

Source: Dorisleslieblau

#4 Hanging Mason Jars with Candles

Source: Pinterest

#5 Front Yard Twinkly Light Displays

Source: Sheknows

#6 Simple Hanging String Light For Rustic Outdoor Dining Table

Source: Familyfoodgarden

#7 A Wine Bottle Chandelier

Source: Lauramakes

#8 DIY Hanging Mason Jar Lantern

Source: Coolcreativity

#9 DIY Rope Hanging Light

Source: Signedsamantha

#10 DIY Hanging Driftwood Light

Source: Shadesoflight

#11 Hanging Whisk Candle Holder

Source: Recyclart

#12 Hanging Branch Chandelier

Source: Diyjoy

#13 A Sparkling Hanging Garden

Source: Bhg

#14 Plastic Shuttlecock Hanging Light

Source: Pinterest

#15 A Cascading Plant Chandelier

Source: Homestolove

#16 Hanging Basket Chandelier

Source: Hometalk

#17 Hanging Tin Can Lantern

Source: Gapphotos

#18 Turn Hanging Planters Into an Attractive Outdoor Light

Source: Northerncheapskate

#19 DIY Repurposed Old Ladder Light

Source: Pinterest

#20 DIY Hanging Birdcage Light

Source: Hgtv

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