20 Easy Vegetables That You Can Grow In Grow Tent

When it comes to growing, most people will think about the traditional growing method with a large garden. However, there are some other ways to grow your vegetables, plants, and herbs with their own benefits which many people love to apply. And grow tent is an awesome asset that we want to write about in the post today. For the simple reason, grow tent provides the most accurate and optimal environment for your plants. At the same time, this gardening way can also solve the most important problems like temperature, lighting, and humidity.

You can grow plenty of plants in a grow tent, even create your own little vegetable garden. From herbs and microgreens to salad greens, dwarf verities of tomatoes, beans, and strawberries, all are very easy to grow in a grow tent. Not just that, a wide range of other plants are great options for your grow tent project that are listed below. Check out the list of the 20 Easy Vegetables That You Can Grow in Grow Tent!

#1 Bell Pepper

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Bell pepper plants are extremely easy to grow in a grow tent and you can buy some seedlings from a nursery and start with that.

#2 Beets

Source: Harvesttotable

You can grow beets easily to grow in pots or grow bags by using deep and bigger pots or grow bags.

#3 Mustard Green

Source: Gardenerspath

Mustard Green is a great addition to your salad green garden because this vegetable contains high rich in iron.

#4 Radish

Source: Masterclass

Radish is loaded with vitamin C, folate, and potassium, if you want to add this nutrient vegetable in daily meals, you can grow it easily in the grow tent. For the best growth, give it moisture soil and keep watering them.

#5 Mushrooms

Source: Sloely

Mushrooms are a great option for beginners as they grow easily and fast. The growth of small-sized mushrooms is only about 2 to 3 days, big size mushrooms need 10 to 15 days.

#6 Arugula

Source: Sandiegoseedcompany

Arugula is easy to grow indoors and you can grow by filling a container with potting soil and sow the seeds of arugula, and then water the seeds regularly.

#7 Mint

Source: Plantinstructions

Mint is one of the easiest to grow herbs, they can spread in every corner of your garden.

#8 Ginger

Source: Gardenerspath

Ginger is also very easy to grow by deep bulbs in a container or grow bag fill with potting soil. Give water to that bulb to keep the moist soil.

#9 Rosemary

Source: Growagoodlife

Rosemary is also very easy to grow from cuttings by putting these cuttings in a glass of water, after a few days, roots will appear. And then, plant these rooted cuttings in the soil.

#10 Onion

Source: Kellogggarden

Onion is so easy to grow. You can choose to grow bags for a grow tent, if you wanted to grow in a pot, choose a deep pot with a drainage hole.

#11 Tomatoes

Source: Vilee

If you want to enjoy fresh tomatoes in right your home, you can grow a few varieties of dwarf tomatoes.

#12 Basil

Source: Farmersalmanac

Growing basil is a very easy process and you can sow some seeds or seedlings of basil to grow them in a grow tent. Or you also can grow the cuttings of basil in small size pot or plastic bottle and potting soil.

#13 Kale

Source: Thespruce

To grow kale, you can select a slightly bigger pot, container, grow bag, or plastic bottle to sow the seeds of kale. Using potting soil to grow and give it moisture soil

#14 Swiss Chard

Source: Harvesttotable

Swiss chard is a very hardy crop that makes it perfect for beginner gardeners.

#15 Thyme

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Thyme prefers moisture soil for its best growth so if If the soil feels dry, only then water your herbs.

#16 Carrots

Source: Hgvt

Carrot is very easy to grow, especially for beginners. Carrots grow underground so you will need a bigger pot or grow bag.

#17 Spinach

Source: Goodhousekeeping

Spinach is very easy to grow in a grow tent by growing directly from seeds.

#18 Parsley

Source: Bhg

You can grow parsley easily from seeds in pots, grow bags, or plastic bottles.

#19 Lettuce

Source: Thespruce

Growing lettuce is a very easy process and you can even grow lettuce in plastic bottles.

#20 Green Beans

Source: Growjoy

You can grow green beans in a container, pot, or grow bag by sowing the seeds or plant a seedling.

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