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20 Glorious Plants for an Edible Front Yard

Have you ever thought about creating an edible landscape around your living area? There is nothing wonderful than having a snack at hand and anywhere in your yard, right? If you want to have more vegetables and owning appealing landscaping, let’s check our plants today. Here are 20 Glorious Plants for an Edible Front Yard that your neighbor will envy. Spending your time learning about them with us.

These plants not only give a great look but also provide something tasty for those who like to have fresh food right outside their door. Not just that, they add interest and variety to your garden; create a balance for a wide variety of microbes, insects, amphibians, and birds lessening your need for pest controls. For good reason, it’s time to grow one or more to your residential landscape and reap your rewards!

#1 Hostas

Eat very young leaves raw, and cook older ones like you would spinach or rapini, or try them dipped in tempura batter and then fried.

#2 Daylilies

Today, quite a few people know that daylilies are beautiful as well as edible.

#3 Nasturtiums

They’re gorgeous and they’re fully edible. Every single part of this plant can be eaten, whether you’re stir-frying the stems, eating the leaves and flowers raw, or pickling the buds into capers.

#4 Jerusalem Artichokes

Jerusalem Artichokes create plenty of tasty tubers for you to eat. Sunchokes are nutritious, abundant, and startlingly delicious.

#5 Violets (Viola sp.)

Violets are fully edible. Both the leaves and blooms are quite delicious and are packed with a startling amount of vitamin C.

#6 Pistou Basil

Basil is one of the popular herbs and makes your dishes more flavorful.

#7 Ground Cherries

The fruits themselves are sweet-tart, crunchy, and really quite spectacular.

#8 Orach

In addition to giving a glorious burst of color around your garden’s periphery, it is edible.

#9 Borage (Borago officinalis)

Borage blooms are a special treat in any garden.

#10 Peppers

Many people grow decorative peppers because they provide bright splashes of color and texture throughout the garden. There are many edible mini peppers that are both gorgeous and delicious.

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