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20 Good Luck Plants To Place Indoor

Plants are known for giving a fresh and alluring look to your garden, but according to few traditions, they can also bring luck and positivity to your home. So, in the post today, we want to share 20 good luck plants to place indoors. They are not only meaningful but also so pretty, so they are favored in the living room and desk of many families today. Check them out with us.

All are so easy to care for from gardeners as long as they get enough moisture and nutrients. Place them in your house, they will bright up your house more beautiful and vivid than before. Moreover, they are so easy to grow indoor without requiring a lot of care. Most of them adapt well to all conditions, even some still thrive in your oblivion.

#1 Pitcher Plant

Also known as monkey cups, pitcher plants are very popular for Lunar New Year as they resemble money bags and considered lucky.

#2 Pachira Money Tree

According to Feng shui, the money tree has magical powers. It brings good luck and makes you fortunate.

#3 Peepal Bonsai

Considered a sacred tree in Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism you can grow this bonsai plant easily indoors. It brings good luck and positivity to the family.

#4 Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo represents the five elements of Feng Shui, a symbol of prosperity, and fortune. You can also grow it without soil, in water.

#5 Peonies

Grow beautiful peonies for positivity and optimism. They also bring good luck in relationships, harmony, nobility, and true love. Grow in the southwest direction of the home

#6 Orchids

Orchid’s colorful appearance will add an instant appeal to your home and will also bring fortune and love. As per feng shui, they help you to find a good partner.

#7 Peace Lily

The elegant white flowers of peace lily can enhance the beauty of any decor. This plant signifies peace, purity, and harmonizes the energy of the house.

#8 Citrus

Said to bring prosperity and positive vibes, these citrus plants also look good while bringing luck to your home.

#9 Lavender

Lavender is an iconic plant in Vastu Shastra for bringing positive vibes. Also, according to a study, it helps in reducing anxiety and induces good sleep that promotes well-being.

#10 White Narcissus

Grow white narcissus flower in your work area, and it will bring notice to your hard work and talent. This flower is considered auspicious as lunar new year’s gift for loved ones.

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